Luke Wilson partner

Wilson and Drew Barrymore starred on “Best Men” and “Home Fries” –which made Luke a bit of a romantic comedies heartthrob. The two dated for about two years in the late 90’s. #2 Gwyneth Paltrow. Luke Wilson and Gwyneth Paltrow’s romance began while shooting ‘The Royal Tenenbaums.’ The two dated for about a year in the early ... On 21-9-1971 Luke Wilson (nickname: One-Take Wilson) was born in Dallas, Texas, United States. He made his 30 million dollar fortune with The Bottle Rocket & The Royal Tenenbaums. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Virgo and he is now 49 years of age. The older Wilson, who co-directed new movie The Wendell Baker Story with brother Luke, recalls, 'I was living in Dallas with my wife at the time and Luke was supposed to be going to college in ... Luke Wilson is an American actor. People know Luke for his contributions in movies like 'Old School,' ' Death at a Funeral,' 'The Royal Tenenbaums,' and many more. 'Luke Wilson was the hero,' witness Sean Herigs said, who assisted the Hollywood star in the dramatic rescue. 'His car was also clipped, but he just pulled over and jumped out to help immediately. Luke Wilson, Actor: Old School. Handsome Texan Luke Cunningham Wilson was born in Dallas in 1971, to Irish-American parents originally from Massachusetts. The son of Laura (Cunningham), a photographer, and Robert Andrew Wilson, an advertising executive, he was raised with two brothers, Owen Wilson (the middle one) and Andrew Wilson (the eldest one). Luke Wilson Partner and Private Markets Practice Leader at ACA Compliance Group Austin, Texas 500+ connections View Luke Wilson’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Luke has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Luke’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Luke Wilson is a member of the following lists: American film actors, Actors from Texas and 1971 births. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Luke Wilson! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Luke Wilson. Partner at PwC. Partner at PwC. Bentley University. View profile View profile badges Get a job like Luke’s. Director jobs in New York, NY. 417,802 open jobs.

My 4 star tier list

2020.10.14 00:24 essbeedee88 My 4 star tier list

Please, keep in mind that this list is from a 5 star players perspective. I did try to take a 4 star players perspective into account, but I’m sure there is wiggle room for characters to move a little up or a little down. I didn’t rank each character in each tier, so if they are listed first it doesn’t mean that they are better than the character listed last.
S+ These characters are top of the class and they are also part of some very good 5 star teams.
Rocket and Groot, Polaris
S These are essential characters that can carry you through 4 star land and are still useful in 5 star land.
Juggernaut, Captain Marvel, Medusa, Deadpool XF, Peggy Carter, America Chavez, Vulture, Karnak, Sabretooth
A These have a variety of good partners and/or may have high damage.
Cyclops, Gwenpool, Jean Grey, Riri, Carnage, Coulson, Goddess Thor, Moonknight, Blade, Kate Bishop, Wasp, Iceman, Cloak and Dagger, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gamora, Mockingbird, Hulk ME, Spider-Gwen, Valkyrie, Spider-Man 2099, Iron Fist, Luke Cage
B These characters are good enough to take on 5 star teams in PvP, but only with the right partner, or boosted.
Miles Morales, Shuri, Mordo, Hulkbuster, Lockjaw, Agent Venom, Professor X, Ant-Man, Hulk TA, X-23, Punisher MAX, Nico Minoru, Spider-Woman, Star-Lord, Nova, Spider-Man IW, Thing, Nick Fury, Kraven, Yondu, Jubilee, War Machine, Black Widow IW, Black Panther, Prowler, Thanos, Legion, Human Torch, MODOK, Ronin, Wolfsbane, Misty Knight, TaskMaster
C These characters may have one or two good powers, but there are better options for team composition.
Wolverine XF, Mr. Fantastic, Sam Wilson, Kingpin, Sandman, Elektra, Quake, Venom, Red Hulk, Winter Soldier, Ghost Rider, Drax, Invisible Woman, Devil Dinosaur, Magik, Bishop, Captain America Worthy, Maria Hill, Domino, Howard the Duck, Super Skrull, Black Cat, Hellcat, Negasonic
D It’s hard to find a use for these characters.
Wiccan, Emma Frost, Nebula, Ghost, Karolina Dean, Anti-Venom, Spider-Ham
F These Characters are useless.
Dazzler, Namor, Mysterio, Northstar, Talos
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2020.10.03 01:39 LadyMarvel1988 1x1 MCU MARVEL or OUAT. Doubling. Canon/oc

*I only role-play on Google docs or email, and chat over discord.. Message me for my username.
Hello. I am back after a short hiatus.
𝒜𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓂𝑒: 🐧 Female living in the EST.
🐧 31 years young. You need to be at least 21 to contact me.
🐧 I am married, I have a house and I have three dogs of various sizes. I have a Beagle, a Corgi and a German Shepherd.
🐧 I work full-time to give my three dogs a grand and happy life.
🐧 I have anxiety that can flair up and go from being mild to rather significant, so please understand this can sometimes hinder my ability to write. I will do my best to let you know when this happens.
🐧I typically post 2-4 times a week on a good week. I do attempt to respond at least once a week. Most of the time I can respond more, but it is dependent upon work, and other elements of my life. I will never pester you for a response, this is our hobby, and we all have a life outside of our writing.
🐧I mirror my partner, but I need at least someone who can write two paragraphs per character. I tend to favor three to four per character. I can write more, but I will not always have the time to write novella. If you write novella for every post (more than eight paragraphs) I might not have the time for our roleplay.
I do not have many 'rules', but I do require doubling. I expect equal effort to be put into both pairings. I promise you I will do the same. This also goes for OOC. I cannot even count the number of times I felt discouraged because my partner only spoke about their pair, and shut me down about mine. All of my roleplays have ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE. I'm trash for it, but I also balance it out with other things.
Other than that, I am 100% open to most things. You want multiple guys after your OC? Sure. There are not many ideas that I say no to, especially when it comes to your pair. I really do strive to make my partner happy.
Edited: Third person point of view only. Sorry all, but first is far too awkward for my tastes.
🅼🅰🆁🆅🅴🅻 Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Pietro, Logan, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Frank Castle, Iron Fist, Luke Cage.
I am willing to give almost anyone a try who might not be on the list, so just ask!
As to whom I am looking for, I will adore anyone who could double as one of the following characters: Stephen Strange, Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock , maybe Steve Rogers
OUAT: Looking for: Jefferson Can play: anyone
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2020.09.30 03:49 LadyMarvel1988 1x1 OUAT or MCU canon/oc. Doubling required

*I only role-play on Google docs or email, and chat over discord.. Message me for my username.
Hello. I am back after a short hiatus.
𝒜𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓂𝑒: 🐧 Female living in the EST.
🐧 31 years young. You need to be at least 21 to contact me.
🐧 I am married, I have a house and I have three dogs of various sizes. I have a Beagle, a Corgi and a German Shepherd.
🐧 I work full-time to give my three dogs a grand and happy life.
🐧 I have anxiety that can flair up and go from being mild to rather significant, so please understand this can sometimes hinder my ability to write. I will do my best to let you know when this happens.
🐧I typically post 2-4 times a week on a good week. I do attempt to respond at least once a week. Most of the time I can respond more, but it is dependent upon work, and other elements of my life. I will never pester you for a response, this is our hobby, and we all have a life outside of our writing.
🐧I mirror my partner, but I need at least someone who can write two paragraphs per character. I tend to favor three to four per character. I can write more, but I will not always have the time to write novella. If you write novella for every post (more than eight paragraphs) I might not have the time for our roleplay.
I do not have many 'rules', but I do require doubling. I expect equal effort to be put into both pairings. I promise you I will do the same. This also goes for OOC. I cannot even count the number of times I felt discouraged because my partner only spoke about their pair, and shut me down about mine. All of my roleplays have ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE. I'm trash for it, but I also balance it out with other things.
Other than that, I am 100% open to most things. You want multiple guys after your OC? Sure. There are not many ideas that I say no to, especially when it comes to your pair. I really do strive to make my partner happy.
Edited: Third person point of view only. Sorry all, but first is far too awkward for my tastes.
🅼🅰🆁🆅🅴🅻 Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Pietro, Logan, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Frank Castle, Iron Fist, Luke Cage.
I am willing to give almost anyone a try who might not be on the list, so just ask!
As to whom I am looking for, I will adore anyone who could double as one of the following characters: Stephen Strange, Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock , maybe Steve Rogers
OUAT: Looking for: Jefferson Can play: anyone
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2020.09.22 10:30 mediuqrepmes [OC] Comprehensive list of possible Chris Paul trades with every other team in the league

Here’s my overview of the universe of possible CP3 trades. I’ve gone through each team’s cap sheet and identified how a Chris Paul trade could be constructed. Wherever possible I’ve proposed one or more specific trades.
To trade for Chris Paul’s $41M salary for 2020-21, most teams will need to send at least $33M in outgoing salary to make the trade legal under the CBA’s salary matching rules. The exceptions are the handful of teams that have significant cap space.
I focused on what works cap-wise. For the most part I omitted specific draft picks. The list is comprehensive, so there are teams here for the sake of completeness that make no sense as CP3 trade partners. For every trade, Chris Paul is the only player OKC is sending out; including additional OKC players in the trade configurations would have made this writeup too long. Some players are so obviously unavailable (e.g., Doncic, Steph Curry, LeBron) that I omitted them from potential trade constructions.
Golden State:
Los Angeles Clippers:
Los Angeles Lakers:
New Orleans:
New York Knicks:
Orlando Magic:
San Antonio:
All numbers are courtesy of Spotrac and Bballref.
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2020.09.18 16:08 eerongal D&D Celebration Megathread

Looking for the magic item hombrew thread? Look here!

Use this thread for discussion about the D&D celebration stream, occurring this weekend!
Saturday Schedule:
8:00 – 11:00

D&D Feature Game

DM: Chris Hislop Featuring: Brandy Camel, Anjuli Smith, Kim Richards, Aoife Wilson, and TK Johnson

11:00 – 12:00

Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable

Moderator: Kelly Lynne D’Angelo with B. Dave Walters, Travis McElroy, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Deborah Ann Woll, and Satine Phoenix

12:00 – 3:00

D&D Feature Game: The Great Knucklehead Rally

DM: Brennan Lee Mulligan Featuring: Jody Houser, Carlos Luna, Guarav Gulati, Liam O’Brien, Aabria Iyengar, and Chris Perkins3:00 – 4:00

What it Means to Be a Bard

Moderator: Critical Bard with Lauren Urban, Krystina Arielle, Kelli Butler, and Eugenio Vargas

4:00 – 7:00

D&D Feature Game

DM: David Harmon Featuring: Michael Hing, Ben Jenkins, Alex Lee, Rowan Bettjemen, Adam King and Alan Morrison

7:30 – 9:30

I Speak Giant

DM: Zac Naoum Players: Elyssa Grant, Luke Lancaster, and Felicia McEntire

D&D Celebration 2020 allows anyone to take part in the event from their own home. Gather your party, go online, and join us for a weekend of play, panels, and celebration!
We've partnered with Extra Life to create special apparel—with all Wizards of the Coast proceeds going directly to Extra Life/Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Additionally, all ticket sales from the D&D Celebration Event Portal will be donated to the cause. Through Extra Life, we're endeavoring to raise funds, have fun, and help heal kids at local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!
Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $70 million for sick and injured kids. Right now, children's hospitals need your support. Be a hero. Take part today and help raise funds for the Children's Hospitals COVID-19 Impact Fund.
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2020.09.10 01:20 LadyMarvel1988 1x1 Marvel. Canon/Oc with Doubling

*I only role-play on Google docs or email, and chat over discord.. Message me for my username.
𝒜𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓂𝑒: 🐧 Female living in the EST.
🐧 31 years young. You need to be at least 21 to contact me.
🐧 I am married, I have a house and I have three dogs of various sizes. I have a Beagle, a Corgi and a German Shepherd.
🐧 I work full-time to give my three dogs a grand and happy life.
🐧 I have anxiety that can flair up and go from being mild to rather significant, so please understand this can sometimes hinder my ability to write. I will do my best to let you know when this happens.
🐧I typically post 2-4 times a week on a good week. I do attempt to respond at least once a week. Most of the time I can respond more, but it is dependent upon work, and other elements of my life. I will never pester you for a response, this is our hobby, and we all have a life outside of our writing.
🐧I mirror my partner, but I need at least someone who can write two paragraphs per character. I tend to favor three to four per character. I can write more, but I will not always have the time to write novella. If you write novella for every post (more than eight paragraphs) I might not have the time for our roleplay.
I do not have many 'rules', but I do require doubling. I expect equal effort to be put into both pairings. I promise you I will do the same. This also goes for OOC. I cannot even count the number of times I felt discouraged because my partner only spoke about their pair, and shut me down about mine. All of my roleplays have ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE. I'm trash for it, but I also balance it out with other things.
Other than that, I am 100% open to most things. You want multiple guys after your OC? Sure. There are not many ideas that I say no to, especially when it comes to your pair. I really do strive to make my partner happy.
Edited: Third person point of view only. Sorry all, but first is far too awkward for my tastes.
🅼🅰🆁🆅🅴🅻 Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Pietro, Logan, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Frank Castle, Iron Fist, Luke Cage.
I am willing to give almost anyone a try who might not be on the list, so just ask!
As to whom I am looking for, I will adore anyone who could double as one of the following characters: Stephen Strange, Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock , maybe Steve Rogers
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2020.09.08 00:08 LadyMarvel1988 1x1 MCU canon/OC with Doubling

*I only role-play on Google docs or email, and chat over discord.. Message me for my username.
𝒜𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓂𝑒: 🐧 Female living in the EST.
🐧 31 years young. You need to be at least 21 to contact me.
🐧 I am married, I have a house and I have three dogs of various sizes. I have a Beagle, a Corgi and a German Shepherd.
🐧 I work full-time to give my three dogs a grand and happy life.
🐧 I have anxiety that can flair up and go from being mild to rather significant, so please understand this can sometimes hinder my ability to write. I will do my best to let you know when this happens.
🐧I typically post 2-4 times a week on a good week. I do attempt to respond at least once a week. Most of the time I can respond more, but it is dependent upon work, and other elements of my life. I will never pester you for a response, this is our hobby, and we all have a life outside of our writing.
🐧I mirror my partner, but I need at least someone who can write two paragraphs per character. I tend to favor three to four per character. I can write more, but I will not always have the time to write novella. If you write novella for every post (more than eight paragraphs) I might not have the time for our roleplay.
I do not have many 'rules', but I do require doubling. I expect equal effort to be put into both pairings. I promise you I will do the same. This also goes for OOC. I cannot even count the number of times I felt discouraged because my partner only spoke about their pair, and shut me down about mine. All of my roleplays have ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE. I'm trash for it, but I also balance it out with other things.
Other than that, I am 100% open to most things. You want multiple guys after your OC? Sure. There are not many ideas that I say no to, especially when it comes to your pair. I really do strive to make my partner happy.
Edited: Third person point of view only. Sorry all, but first is far too awkward for my tastes.
🅼🅰🆁🆅🅴🅻 Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Pietro, Logan, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Frank Castle, Iron Fist, Luke Cage.
I am willing to give almost anyone a try who might not be on the list, so just ask!
As to whom I am looking for, I will adore anyone who could double as one of the following characters: Stephen Strange, Bucky Barnes, Matt Murdock , maybe Steve Rogers
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2020.08.28 17:30 AParadiseCircus 1x1 Marvel -Canon/oc with Doubling

*I only role-play on Google docs or email, and chat over discord.. Message me for my username.
𝒜𝒷𝑜𝓊𝓉 𝓂𝑒: 🐧 Female living in the EST.
🐧 31 years young. You need to be at least 21 to contact me.
🐧 I am married, I have a house and I have three dogs of various sizes. I have a Beagle, a Corgi and a German Shepherd.
🐧 I work full-time to give my three dogs a grand and happy life.
🐧 I have anxiety that can flair up and go from being mild to rather significant, so please understand this can sometimes hinder my ability to write. I will do my best to let you know when this happens.
🐧I typically post 2-4 times a week on a good week. I do attempt to respond at least once a week. Most of the time I can respond more, but it is dependent upon work, and other elements of my life. I will never pester you for a response, this is our hobby, and we all have a life outside of our writing.
🐧I mirror my partner, but I need at least someone who can write two paragraphs per character. I tend to favor three to four per character. I can write more, but I will not always have the time to write novella. If you write novella for every post (more than eight paragraphs) I might not have the time for our roleplay.
I do not have many 'rules', but I do require doubling. I expect equal effort to be put into both pairings. I promise you I will do the same. This also goes for OOC. I cannot even count the number of times I felt discouraged because my partner only spoke about their pair, and shut me down about mine. All of my roleplays have ᖇOᗰᗩᑎᑕE. I'm trash for it, but I also balance it out with other things.
Other than that, I am 100% open to most things. You want multiple guys after your OC? Sure. There are not many ideas that I say no to, especially when it comes to your pair. I really do strive to make my partner happy.
🅼🅰🆁🆅🅴🅻 Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Pietro, Logan, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Frank Castle, Iron Fist, Luke Cage.
I am willing to give almost anyone a try who might not be on the list, so just ask!
As to whom I am looking for, I will adore anyone who could double as one of the following characters: Stephen Strange, Matt Murdock , maybe Steve Rogers
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2020.08.09 04:15 Clo1998ny Top Ten NFL Teams Of The 2010's

With the NFL still being some time away now, along with the fact that the Coronavirus has halted a lot of sports for this year I felt like it would be a good time to review how this past decade went in the world of sports. What better way to kick it off than to look at the top ten best NFL teams of the past decade.

  1. 2011 Green Bay Packers- To start I'd say Aaron Rodgers historic MVP season following his super bowl victory the year before is certainly one to remember. The 15-1 Green Bay Packers had an incredible passing attack with the most talented thrower of the football at the time at his absolute best. Rodgers had an efficient forty five touchdown passes to six picks along with a record passer rating of 122 while throwing 1263 of those yards to Jordy Nelson and 15 TDs. Also 3 pro bowlers on defense with BJ Raji, Clay Matthews, and the old but capable Charles Woodson who finished with 7 interceptions. Unfortunately even with 3 pro bowlers the defense still finished 19th in points allowed and the offense was very one dimensional with two rushers putting under 600 yards which led to the New York Giants taking advantage of that weakness and upsetting the Packers at Lambo on route to a super bowl victory

  1. 2015 Carolina Panthers- This at the time was a very surprising team that caught fans out of nowhere. With +6000 odds to win the super bowl and win total over under set at 8.5, the Panthers 15-1 record led by MVP Cam Newton steamrolled the league. Cam put up a total of 45 combined passing and rushing touchdowns for about 3800 passing yards. Helped by nearly 1000 rushing yards by Jonathan Stewart and a pro bowl season from Greg Olsen with over 1100 yards. The defense gave up 19.3 points per game with 3 all pro players led by future hall of famer Luke Kuechly. Josh Norman had a breakout season and Thomas Davis partnered with Luke were formidable, but in the end this team could not handle the physicality and pressure put by the no fly zone Denver Broncos defense at the biggest spot, showing that this Carolina team was primarily a group of front runners.

  1. 2011 New Orleans Saints- Of all the Saints teams I could put in this list from this past decade this was the one with the most history. Drew Brees just did what he wanted to do leading the league in completion percentage, passing yards, and passing touchdowns with a line of 71.2%-5476 yards-46 touchdowns. The offensive feats just continue with Jimmy Graham catching over 1300 yards and 11 TDS. Darren Sproles sets the NFL all purpose yards record at 2696 a record that might never be broken. The offense averaged 34.2 points per game and had 10 games of 30+ points but that defense ended up being the downfall with zero pro bowlers a grand total of 9 interceptions and 33 sacks which didn't help their divisional round shootout loss to the 49ers as Vernon Davis drove the dagger with the help of Alex Smith of all people.

  1. 2017 Philadelphia Eagles- I put them this high considering the circumstances in which they won. I remember going into the playoffs it was pretty much a given that the Eagles had no shot to make the super bowl with all the injuries they had going into it. This injury list involved Carson Wentz after having an MVP caliber season with 33 TDs and 7 picks after 13 games, Darren Sproles and Jason Peters on IR. They had every reason to lose their first playoff matchup to the Falcons but that magic Nick Foles brought getting hot at the right time with a group that still believed they could do it pushed them to do the impossible. With other key pieces Zach Ertz, LeGarratte Blount, Malcolm Jenkins, and Fletcher Cox the Eagles managed one of the most improbable playoff runs ever, winning a shootout against the overbearing Patriots in the super bowl.

  1. 2011 New England Patriots- This Patriots team was one of the diverse offensive groups we've seen in the NFL in quite some time. Obviously you have one of great quarterbacks in Tom Brady but the toys he had to play with made me wonder how anyone would beat them. There is a reason Tom had over 5000 passing yards this year, throwing to likely the greatest tight end duo in NFL history, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. One of the best slot receivers of the modern era Wes Welker setting a career high in receiving yards and also Gronk's career best 17 TDs. With veteran defensive players coached by Bill Bellichick it seemed just like another championship for New England, however with an injured Gronk not at his best and a Giants pass rush fueled by a hot playoff run with Eli Manning, the Giants managed to put down another dominant Patriot group.

  1. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs- This may seem a weird pick over the following years eventual super bowl winners but this group represents what this list is about which is being special and memorable. One of the all time great passing seasons in the history of this great league by most likely at this point the most talented thrower of the football as well, Patrick Mahomes set a very high standard for himself winning the MVP throwing 50 TD passes and over 5000 yards. This group still has probably the best tight end in football Travis Kelce who with probably the fastest player in the league Tyreek Hill both had all pro seasons the Chiefs basically looked like the football version of the Golden State warriors. Although the defense was pretty mediocre giving up 26 points per game, the combined pass rush of pro bowlers Dee Ford and Chris Jones combining for 28 sacks put them in a memorable AFC title game against the Patriots and if not for a costly off sides penalty from Ford we'd be looking at this team very differently.

  1. 2012 San Francisco 49ers- I remember being shocked when playing Madden and seeing how many 90+ overall players the 49ers had at this time mainly due to their loaded defense. With 6 pro bowlers and 4 all pro players this defense had no weakness, especially at linebacker you can take your pick with who you like to deal with. Patrick Willis one of the most physically gifted linebackers you'll ever see, Aldon smith with his 19.5 sacks looked poised to be an all time great and Navarro Bowman putting almost 150 tackles made this Defense frustrating for any offensive coordinator. I haven't gotten to Colin Kaepernick who broke out as a major star this year, you just have to watch his incredible playoff game against the Packers putting up well over 400 yards running and passing with 4 total touchdowns. However with the NFL being the league it is, every loaded team has their hands full when they run into a hot team of destiny at the right time like with Ray Lewis' swan song season.

  1. 2013 Denver Broncos- Peyton has 5 MVPs, plenty of great seasons to look back at, this was his finest work. setting records for passing yards and touchdowns everything seemed to go right from the very beginning throwing 7 touchdown passes against the Ravens to start the season. with a whole group of weapons featuring an older Wes Welker, Demaryius and Julius Thomas it was essentially a general understanding that the offense was going to score putting up 13 games of 30 or more points. The below average defense did little to slow them down but did show up in the post season giving up 33 points in the divisional and conference championship games, it was all put to a stop in the end against a historical Seattle Seahawk team in a complete route in the super bowl.

  1. 2016 New England Patriots- Just when everything seemed to be going against the Pats this year, lose Tom Brady for 4 games to suspension, lose the back up for half of those games, lose Gronk for half the season, ditch Jamie Collins, and be down 28-3 in the 3rd quarter. Not a problem for Tom and Bill, number one defense in the league, Tom throws 22 TDs to 2 picks, LeGarratte Blount runs for 18 TDs and the Patriots storm for the greatest comeback in NFL history in a game they had no business winning. both playoff games leading up to the super bowl were not even close either, this shows what doing your job can lead to in the NFL.

  1. Seattle Seahawks- Nobody had a consistent answer for this team. It was a well oiled machine of epic proportions on defense and on offense, a predictable but effective combo of Marshawn Lynch's brutal running and Russell Wilson's effective and efficient passing. The defense did everything well, surrendering 172 passing yards per game. 8 games of less than 250 total yards allowed, 11 games of less than 20 first downs, and 20 total touchdowns. Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas , and the hard hitting Kam Chancellor made up the greatest secondary of all time while still being more than physical enough to help against the run. This defense was helped up front with a young Bobby Wagner and Michael Bennet. Teams were at a lost against this group especially at Seattle boasting one of the greatest home field advantages ever. They embarrassed the number 3 team on this list the Broncos right from the start just swarming them in every way to win 48-3. It is one of the most dominant teams to ever exist.
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2020.07.27 18:16 CokeZ3ro Falcons 2020 Offseason Review

Hi, I’m u/CokeZ3ro and welcome to the Falcons’ 2020 Offseason review

Atlanta Falcons

2019 Record 7-9 (4-2 in division); 2nd Place in the NFC South
I’ll be starting off with a quick tl;dr for those who can’t read the whole post
Coaching Changes: Officially promoting the 2 Defensive coaches that saved the season, new TE Coach, and some minor stuff.
Free Agency: Todd Gurley and Dante Fowler were the biggest splashes. Otherwise we filled depth.
Draft: Filled a CB need with A.J. Terrell, supplied the DT pass rush with Marlon Davidson, filled depth.
Quick Roster Evaluation:
Now for the in-depth breakdown

Coaching Changes:

Defensive Coordinator: Raheem Morris
Would you believe it, Morris started the season coaching offense? The once Head Coach of the Buccaneers served as an assistant coach & wide receivers’ coach for the first half of the 2019 season. After the disastrous start to the season, one of the changes made was to move Morris over to Secondary Coach, where he shared defensive calling responsibility with Ben Ulrich. The benefits of that change (and others) were immediate. Over the final eight games, the team went 6-2 and the defense went from having the lowest amount of takeaways in the first half of the season (4) to finishing with the second-most in the NFL (16) after Week 9. The defense also vaulted from the bottom of the league rankings to the top 10 in sacks (32nd to 10th), scoring efficiency (32nd to 9th), and red zone efficiency (31st to 6th) over the final eight weeks of the season. As such, Quinn is keeping the coaching changes he made in place, with the hope we’ll see similar results for the whole season this year. Why Morris instead of Ulbrich? Morris was in charge of the potentially more difficult 3rd downplay calls this past season, and he has a long resume of defensive coaching that will enable him to naturally fill the role.
Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers: Jeff Ulbrich
While Ulbrich didn’t get DC, his efforts during the 2019 season were not unrewarded. Taking play calling responsibilities for a majority of defensive plays after the bye week, Ulbrich showed he was more than capable as a coach and strategist. The accolades that I gave to Morris earlier can just as well go to Ulbrich as well. This will be Ulbrich’s 6th year as Linebackers Coach, a stint that has provided the Falcons’ most consistent defensive unit in recent years.
Tight Ends Coach: Ben Steele After the retirement of Mike Mularkey in January, Steele was promoted up from Offensive Assistant. Steele is a veteran of Dirk Koetter’s offense, having worked under him as the Buccaneers’ Tight End Coach during the 2017 season. Credited as a contributing factor in Austin Hooper’s great season, Steele will now have the important responsibility of coaching a vastly different tight end group.
Defensive Line (Des)/Run Game Coordinator: Tosh Lupoi Last season Lupoi served as the Browns’ Defensive Line Coach. On the falcons he will specifically focus on defensive ends (Jess Simpson will coach Defensive Tackles more specifically this year).
Secondary/Defensive Pass Game Coordinator: Joe Whitt Jr. Another Cleveland coach, Whitt served in the same role last season at Cleveland.
Minor Changes: Aden Durde to Outside Linebacker Coach ; Chad Walker to Safeties Coach ; Danny Beyer as offensive assistant.
Overall Thoughts: The two biggest coaching “moves” basically happened during the season, the titles are just official now. The hope is that Quinn, Morris, and Ulbrich can once again find whatever defensive magic came to them in the 2nd half of the season. It was this change in the defense that “saved” the season, and prevented the whole structure from being torn down, so the pressure is certainly there. If the defense carries any similarity to last year’s finish, it will be one of the better defenses in the NFL. But if I’ve learned anything over the past couple of seasons, it’s that nobody can predict how the Falcons’ defense will play. Beyond defense, tight end is the most important coaching to watch. With Hooper’s departure, the position is an unknown, with the hope that Hayden Hurst will live up to his draft potential. Steele will hopefully play an important role in improving and integrating the group into the offense. Overall, it’s a much calmer coaching offseason than last year, with the hope that the energy from the end of last year will continue.

Re-signed Players

Player Position Contract
Younghoe Koo K 1-yr / $750,000
Keith Smith FB 3 yr / $4,300,000 / $1,950,000 Gtd
Tyeler Davison DT 3 yr / $12,000,000 / $4,550,00 Gtd
Brian Hill RB 5th Round Tender / $2,133,000
Sharrod Neasman S 1 yr / $950,000
Blindi Wreh-Wilson CB 1 yr. / $1,187,500 / $137,500 Gtd
Allen Bailey Defensive End 1 yr Extension / $4,500,000 / $3,250,000 Gtd
Re-sign Thoughts: Nothing too major or risky here. If Koo can keep up the highs of what he did last year, we should be in good shape (more onsides would be cool too). The others serve helpful depth roles that we’ll need this year. My one issue is with the size of Keith Smith’s contract, it feels pretty large for how much he contributed last season. But fullbacks are a dying commodity, so maybe there’s bigger plans for him.

Player Trades

Player Position Previous Team Trade Deal
Hayden Hurst TE Baltimore Ravens Hurst + 2020 4th for 2020 2nd + 2020 5th
Charles Harris DE Miami Dolphins Harris for 2021 7th
Trade Thoughts: With Austin Hooper’s departure, the Falcons were left with a greatly depleted group, and a huge question mark at the position. Hurst’s trade hoped to solve that question and profit off of the 1st round pick. Hurst is still an unknown however, since he did not see ample playing time in Baltimore thanks to the likes of Mark Andrews. If Hurst lives up to the potential that Baltimore drafted him for, the cost will have been well worth it, but the jury is still out. Harris is a low-cost attempt to put some depth into one of the teams most worrying positions. Nice if it pans out well, not too painful if it doesn’t.
Free Agent Signings
Player Position Previous Team Contract
LaRoy Reynolds ILB San Francisco 49ers 1 yr / $1,050,000
Laquon Treadwell WR Minnesota Vikings 1 yr / $910,000
Dante Fowler Jr. DE Los Angeles Rams 3 yr / $45,000,000 / $23,000,000 Gtd
Khari Lee TE Buffalo Bills (2018) 1 yr / $910,000
Edmond Robinson OLD New York Jets (2018) 1 yr / $750,000
Todd Gurley RB Los Angeles Rams 1 yr / $5,500,000 / $5,500,000 Gtd
Josh Hawkins CB Philadelphia Eagles 1 yr / $860,000
Deone Buccannon ILB Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1yr / $910,000
Free Agency Addition Thoughts: I would like to thank the Los Angeles Rams for our two splashiest signings. Both Gurley and Fowler will likely be the best players at their positions, and the team desperately needs them to at least perform averagely. If Fowler is able to put up the same numbers he did last season it would be a godsend to a struggling Falcons’ D-Line. While it’s likely that the Falcons will employ an RB Committee this year, Gurley’s skills will be vital in tough situations. Even a shadow of his former self would be the best RB on the team. If you hadn’t heard, Gurley and Treadwell’s signing complete an offense potentially composed entirely of 1st Round draft picks. I don’t expect the other signees to see the field much, but any depth is always appreciated.


Player Position Reason New Team
Alex Gray TE Waived Free Agent
ReShede Hageman DT Waived Free Agent
Vic Beasley DE Free Agency Tennessee Titans
Devonta Freeman RB Released Free Agent
Desmond Trufant CB Released Detroit Lions
Ty Sambrailo OT Released Tennessee Titans
Luke Stocker TE Released Free Agent
Austin Hooper TE Free Agency Cleveland
De’Vondre Campbell LB Free Agency Cardinals
Kenjon Barner RB Free Agency Free Agent
Departures Thoughts: Per usual this list features a mix of blown expectations, too expensive, and free agent losses. Hooper is probably the most painful loss, but he was going to be too expensive to re sign after his explosive season. Trufant’s release was inevitable sadly, he hasn’t played up to his 2015 level and the contract he earned. Unfortunately it leaves the cornerbacks without a veteran presence. Freeman was way too expensive for the pitiful numbers he’s put up recently. He has an intense injury bug, and hasn’t been that great when he was able to play. Campbell also sucks some since he was pretty decent at LB, he played a big role when Deion Jones was injured. The terror of Vic Beasley is finally over, but our DE position is still desperately weak.

2020 Draft

Round/Pick Player Position College
1.16 A.J. Terrell Cornerback Clemson
2.47 Marlon Davidson Defensive Tackle Auburn
3.78 Matt Hennessey Center Temple
4.119 Mykal Walker Linebacker Fresno State
4.134 Jaylinn Hawkins Safety California
7.228 Sterling Hofrichter Punter Syracuse
A.J. Terrell: While many fans were pining for a Defensive Tackle, Cornerback was a huge need after the release of Desmond Trufant. In typical Falcon’s fashion they drafted someone nobody had mocked them to. In Terrell Atlanta will gain a large, physical outside corner, capable of playing both man and zone. Terrell is great at both reading the quarterback, and being physically present over the receivers he covers. While he only faced 30 targets before the playoffs last year, he still earned First Team All-ACC. I’ll acknowledge his LSU game before someone else does. It wasn’t great, but nobody played well against Jamar Chase last season, and it was ultimately one day. If there are doubts on how he’ll play against good competition on the big stage, look no further than the previous national championship where he scored a Pick-6 against Tua. Somethings Terrell can improve on include improvements at the catch, and more physicality for NFL level play. Ultimately, while picking Terrell left questions on the D-Line, it filled a depleted cornerback group with a starting presence, and was debatably the best option available for them without a trade up. B
Marlon Davidson: While Derrick Brown attracted all the hype coming into the draft, it was actually Davidson who led the team in sacks (6.5-7.5 source dependent). Roughly a fourth of his tackles were for loss, as he and Brown dominated opposing lines. Ideally, Davidson will form a similar DT partnership with stalwart Grady Jarrett and give some bite to a lacking Falcons D-line. Davidson posses a great ability to penetrate opposing lines to disrupt the play, with tackles and sacks to boot. Furthermore, he also serves well to stand tall to halt runningbacks in their tracks. One worry of note is that Davidson played a decent amount of snaps as an edge player at Auburn. With Atlanta he’ll predominantly be lined up at tackle, especially given the defenses leaning towards 4-3, so he’ll need to adjust to that. This past draft was one deep at Defensive Tackle, and the Falcons have found a great partner for Jarrett. A
Matt Hennessey: Finally I can expand my gameday drinking options. But in all seriousness Hennessy serves to fill a need that doesn’t exist quite yet. This year is Alex Mack’s last season on contract with the Falcons, so the position is an unknown next year. Hennessey will train to potentially fill his role come next year and will compete for and play at Left Guard in the meantime (he played guard some in college). It may seem dubious with our commitment to the O-line through FA and the Draft last season, but Matt Ryan was sacked for a career high 48 times last season. More help is needed. Hennessey excels at moving quickly to his one or two assignments and will commit to extending the play beyond that point. He needs to work on his strength and size if he is to maintain a spot on the starting lineup. Ultimately, he’s a solid investment for the future, with benefits this season. And I really hope he pans out because his name is great. A-
Mykal Walker: After departures in the past season, Linebacker has become a thin position behind Deion Jones and Foye Oluokun. Walker has the size and strength to be good at the position. He displays position flexibility, playing both edge and inside linebacker in college. His movements remain somewhat stiff in comparison to what is needed, but there’s time to work on that. Walker will likely see both rotation at LB and special teams play. B
Jaylinn Hawkins: Speaking of position flexibility, Hawkins started at wide receiver, moved to cornerback, before finishing college at safety. Hawkins as good speed and does well to create turnovers, something the Falcons have been lacking. While he’s considered a reach in the 4th, he’ll fill in some much-needed safety depth, considering the injury history of Allen and Neal. Otherwise he’ll serve well on special teams. C+
Sterling Hofrichter: Hofrichter was brought in to give punter Ryan Allen some competition going into the season. Hofrichter was a 4-time Ray Guy award nominee, so he’s no schmuck himself, and was great at giving airtime. It’s low risk but begs the question why it couldn’t have been an UFDA signing. Oh well. C

Undrafted Free Agent Signings

CB Tyler Hall, DE Austin Edwards, DT Hinwa Allieu, FB Mikey Daniel, LB Jordan Williams, LB Ray Wilborn, DE Bryson Young, DT Sailosi Latu, C Austin Capps, CB Delrick Abrams, LT Hunter Atkinson, TE Caleb Repp, WR Jalen McCleskey, RT Scottie Dill, WR Chris Rowland, TE Jared Pinkney, CB Rojesterman Farris, OT Evin Ksiezarczyk, WR Juwan Green and OG Justin Gooseberry.

Training Camp Battles

RB2*: I put an apostrophe here because a lot will depend on who Gurley shapes up. While Gurley is presumed to be the important situation and 3rd down back, it’s less clear who will be the primary back to relieve him. And that of course is assuming there will be someone who stands out. The two primary candidates are Ito Smith and Brian Hill, who both performed serviceably last season behind Freeman. Quadree Ollison and UDFA Mikey Daniel serve as candidates for short yardage situations.
WR3&4: We have a lot of receivers. Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are the obvious 1&2, but there’s less certainty after that. Russell Gage will most likely play as WR3, he was the best of the group last season. Behind him is an extensive list including: Laquon Treadwell, Olamide Zacchaeus, Christian Blake, Brandon Powell, Devin Gray, and Chris Roland; to name a few. It’s easily the deepest group on the team.
TE2: Unless things go terribly; Hayden Hurst will be the starting tight end. Jaeden Graham leads the charge of potential candidates for the backup spot. Graham was a UDFA who made the 53-man roster last season, so he has the most experience of any of the candidate. Graham’s competition includes Carson Meier, Jared Pinkey, and Caleb Repp.
LG: James Carpenter started 11 games at guard last year, which he played serviceably, but Quinn has indicated that there will be competition for the position. Hennessey is the main competition for the spot, even though center will be his long-term position. I would imagine they
DT2: This competition will be to determine the how often and the roles in which either Tyeler Davison or Marlon Davidson will play. Wow those last names will be confusing to hear. Davison has proven himself to be an asset to halting the run game, while Davidson provides a more potent pass rush. If Davidson is able to adapt to increased play as a run blocking DT, I could see him taking the starting spot later on in the season, but it’ll take some time.
LB Depth: Behind Deion Jones and Foye Oluokun the position is very untested. It’s likely rookie Mykal Walker will see playing time, but the 4th spot will be contentious. Contenders include LaRoy Reynolds, Ahmad Thomas, Edmond Robinson, and Jordan Williams.
Punter: Hell yeah, we have a punter fight. Ryan Allen started 8 games last year after Matt Bosher bit the bullet, but we’ve spent a draft pick on Sterling Hofrichter to challenge him. Supposedly, the ability to pin punts within the red zone will be a key factor in determining the starter. May the better punter win and do it for the culture.

Likely Starting Lineup

QB: Matt Ryan Even coming off a lesser season, Ryan remains one of the better Quarterbacks in the league. No issue here as long as the O-line doesn’t conspire to kill him again.
RB: Todd Gurley, kind of . Given the uncertainty around Gurley’s knee, he will be receiving a limited workload this season. So, while he may be the RB1 by all indications, he’s unlikely to put up any RB1 numbers, and the RB position will be committee based on most downs. Now if he found some of Russell Wilson’s magic water and is suddenly fine, then you could easily count him as RB1.
FB: Keith Smith I’ll say the same thing I said for Ricky Ortiz last year. It’s a hard life for Fullbacks in today’s NFL, and Smith is no Patrick DiMarco, he’s going to have to prove his worth.
TE: Hayden Hurst, Jaeden Smith You don’t spend the draft capital we did on Hurst and not start him, and he’s likely the best TE regardless. My bet is on Smith to earn the TE position, but his use will be limited.
WR: Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Russell Gage Above the smorgasbord that is our WR depth, these three are set nicely within their roles. While Sanu is missed personally, his role is well filled by Gage, and Ridley continues to improve.
LT: Jake Matthews Last year Matthews was one of the best players on the line last year. He will continue to hold up the vital position.
LG: James Carpenter Carpenter has done decent in the past but he’s definitely facing pressure for his spot this year. Matt Hennessey may take the start later on, but I would bet on Carpenter starting with it, due to experience if anything.
C: Alex Mack Even after a down season last year, Mack is one of the most important players on the offense. Hopefully, his intelligent play will bring the offense back to glory.
RG: Chris Lindstrom When he was healthy Lindstrom proved he was more than capable of playing the position well. Now we can only hope he stays healthy this season.
RT: Kaleb McGary Last season McGary proved himself capable as an NFL tackle, winning the spot and performing decently enough with it, for the most part. However, McGary had an issue with giving up sacks (13, 1st according to PFF), a trend which must be nipped quickly.
DE: Dante Fowler, Takk McKinley This group will have to step up this year as the team has had poor sack numbers in recent years. This year is a contract year for McKinley, so hopefully that will drive some results. Fowler’s performance last year gives some hope, but ultimately, it’s unknown if he can sustain those numbers.
DT: Grady Jarret, Tyeler Davison I have no doubt in both Grady’s run stopping ability and his pass rush. I think at the start of the season Tyeler Davison will see play more often as Davidson works to improve. Especially with how unsure practice will be this season, Davison is the safer pick.
LB: Deion Jones, Foye Oluokun 2 great recent draft successes, Oluokun especially has risen and proven his worth in recent seasons. This should be a pretty good group if the injury bug leaves Deion alone.
CB: Kendall Sheffield, A.J. Terrell, Isiah Oliver Christ this is a young group. Sheffield and Oliver are both on their sophomore year, and Terrell is the shiny 1st round pick. As such, this is probably the greatest unknown on the entire team. Sheffield was surprisingly good last year (Those OSU corners are something else), Oliver had good flashes, and Terrell offer hopeful potential. Alternatively, they may all crumble to the harsh challenges of being a CB in the LOADED NFC South. Who knows?
S: Ricardo Allen, Keanu Neal, Demontae Kazee Allen is the brain of the defense and was vital to saving our secondary last season. Keanu would be great as a Strong Safety if his ACL didn’t fucking hate him. Furthermore, this is a contract year for him, so one would hope that he’ll try his ass off to make up for 2 lost seasons. Last time Kazee was at Safety he led the NFL in interceptions, which was pretty cool. I expect that Kazee will play corner roles (he played corner last year) occasionally in order to help out the younglings at CB.
P: Ryan Allen I expect Allen’s experience to help him win out the job, but it could easily go the other way.
K: Younghoe Koo Koo was pretty good as a place kicker when he came in last season, and his onside kicks are the stuff of legend . Unrelated, but at 2:37 in that video look at the top right of the screen and you’ll see my favorite thing from last season.
KR: Brandon Powell He returned kicks a few times for the lions.
Long Snapper: Josh HarrisHe’ll steal your girl if you aren’t careful.

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2020.07.23 20:54 twerk4tampabay Leeds Return to Glory; Part 1: Matchday 1-21 in the Premier League

For the first time since the early 2000’s, Leeds are back in the Premier League. The club board and Marco Bielsa have looked to stay up in his maiden voyage in the league. While there are some great players in the squad, depth is razor thin. The board does not expect too much in the cup competitions due to this. The expectation for the league is simply to stay up, but they expect a Premier League title within four years. The preferred formation for the team has not been Bielsa’s favoured 4-1-41, but a conventional English 4-4-2. Bielsa felt that Patrick Bamford brought great size, link-up play and movement to the table, but he was too inconsistent and unproven as a goal scorer to lead the line alone. Whilst the minimum achievement level accepted by the board is to stay afloat in the Premier League, Bielsa expected to surpass that expectation and look for a mid-table finish if the squad could stay healthy. For this to happen, Bielsa made some key additions to the squad in the summer window. Bielsa focused on retention of his squad, with just one sale, but purchased three players.
Summer Buys
Callum Wilson, AFC Bournemouth (14,500,000 euros)
Hassane Kamara, Stade de Reims (3,500,000 euros)
Tim Krul, Norwich City (2,500,000 euros + Kiko Casilla)
Summer Sells
Kiko Casilla (Player + cash swap)
Outgoing Loans
Jack Stephens (CD Tondela)
Preferred XI:
GK: Tim Krul
RB: Luke Ayling
CB: Ben White
CB: Liam Cooper (C)
LB: Hassane Kamara
RM: Helder Costa
CM: Kalvin Phillips
CM: Mateusz Klich
LM: Jack Harrison
ST: Patrick Bamford
ST: Callum Wilson
Ilan Meslier (GK)
Pablo Hernandez (CM)
Gaetano Berardi (CB)
Ezgjan Alioski (LM)
Tyler Roberts (ST)
Stuart Dallas (CM)
Adam Forshaw (CM)
The season started off with a few duds with a 0-0 draw ensuing against Brentford and a 1-2 loss against Sheffield United, with Callum Wilson opening his account for the club after signing from the relegated AFC Bournemouth. After a lackluster season at Bournemouth the previous year, Wilson looked to turn the prime years of his career around on the north side of England under a manager who has rolled out some fantastic sides in Marco Bielsa. Ensuing after these slow games, the grinded out result after result, going unbeaten in their next 13 fixtures.
Behind a rampant attack the team was able to grind out draws versus Premier League heavyweights such as Arsenal and Manchester United while taking wins against most lower end and competitors for mid table with Leeds. However, striker Patrick Bamford did not enjoy playing with a partner and the unsettled striker brought in offers from the relegated AFC Bournemouth and Premier League rivals Brighton and Hove Albion. A move for January was agreed on a pre-contract, and Brighton won his services for 5,500,000 euros. More impressively, the defensive pairing of Ben White and Liam Cooper, who lack Premier League experience avoided leaking goals in this time. However, coming up against a rampant Liverpool attack, the unbeaten run ended there with a 4-3 loss to Liverpool. However, the team showed what they offer in attack after falling down 4-1 within the first half. Callum Wilson opened the scoring in the seventh minute, but Liverpool struck back through an instant reply with Mohamed Salah, followed by an own goal by Tim Krul. The ball crashed off the bar after Georginio Wijnaldum’s thunderous header, and off of Krul’s back in midair into the net. Liverpool struck again quickly through another Salah goal to bag his brace, and made it four after Roberto Firmino scored his own rebound. Coming out of half, though, Leeds pressed Liverpool and took the game to them. Callum Wilson got in behind the defence and the World’s Best Defender, Virgil Van Dijk had no option but to take out the striker in the penalty area from behind, with no other defenders anywhere to be found. Wilson then bagged his own penalty and scored another. The team nearly made it 4-4 and completed Leeds-tanbul through a Tyler Roberts led attack, but Alison parried the shot off of the post to quell the comeback. The team then lost the following match 1-0 to Chelsea after N-golo Kante’s early goal. The team could not find a way back with an impressive defensive display by Chelsea. The two losses not long before December started a very busy fixture list in the festive period, and without the depth necessary, the team had many highs and lows before Bamford would depart in January. The highest of the highs was a 5-0 win over Crystal Palace where the attack led by Callum Wilson, yet again, scored five goals. Wilson bagged a hat trick and two assists in the perfect forward’s performance. He then followed it up with another hat trick against Arsenal just before Christmas to make it two consecutive hat tricks in an end to end 4-4 draw. However, the joy after Christmas would not last for long, as an exhausted side was capitulated by an Andriy Yarmolenko led West Ham 5-0. The misery would continue with a heavily rotated side featuring against Brighton on New Year’s Day in an abysmal 0-0 draw.
Through 21 games, the team sat in 9th place with 34 points. The team won nine games, drew seven and lost five. On the positive side, Leeds were able to maintain a positive goal differential, scoring four more than they conceded.
Squad Review:
In net, while there have been a few errors for Dutch international Tim Krul, he has been incredibly steady and competent. The defence in front of the keeper makes the world’s difference, and with Bielsa’s high line and pressing, the keeper has not had the ball shot at him as much as some would expect from a recently promoted side. Ilan Meslier has yet to be called upon in the league, as Bielsa preferred to let the young Frenchman get his repetitions against a rampant attack in training. Krul has four clean sheets in 21 appearances, not too shabby for the veteran.
Full Backs:
While Stuart Dallas was a key player in the title winning side in the team’s previous season, he was unseated by the summer bargain, Hassane Kamara from Stade de Reims. Bielsa preferred Kamara as he was defensively competent, but was a left footed left back, while Dallas is right footed and plays on the left. Bielsa preferred to play Dallas in the midfield to take advantage of his incredible ability to go box to box, and Kamara’s ability to overlap on the left. However, not much changed on the right as Luke Ayling has locked down the right sided fullback spot, providing a competent effort going forward, and a sturdy presence on the right defensively. Jamie Shackleton provided cover at fullback, as Bielsa preferred to use his playmaking and pace out wide rather than in the center of the park, where young players such as Shackleton can be bullied in a physical league like England’s top flight. However, with how Bielsa’s team funneled play into the middle, the fullbacks were integral even while none of them registered a goal or assist. They often provided secondary assists and width to overload the opposing defence, playing as decoys at times.
Center Backs:
Not much changed from Bielsa’s Championship winning side, as captain and Scotland international Liam Cooper and Brighton loanee Ben White were the preferred pairinf, and started all but one game together. One of the most glaring holes in the side has been depth of quality center half’s, so reinforcement will need to come in the 10-million January transfer budget, or over the summer. Gaetano Berardi has rotated as a sub when necessary, and has been competent while not spectacular, and will need upgrading. Bielsa has been scouting in Argentina for youth players, so this could be another avenue for a long term solution which is financially feasible. The team has kept four clean sheets in 21 matches, which is not a bad figure for a recently promoted side with no buys in central defence.
Wide Midfielders:
The preferred wide midfielders have been Helder Costa on the right and Jack Harrison on the left. While Costa has not shown up on the stat sheet very often, his pace has been integral in stretching defenses down the right hand side to create space for the central midfielders to move into to link up with the strikers. On the other side, Manchester City loanee Jack Harrison has been a revelation totaling nine (9!!!) assists and has also chipped in with a goal. Costa does lack in stamina, so in most matches Harrison moves to the right while Ezgjan Alioski comes on down the left to provide defensive cover for the young Kamara, and swing in a few crosses. After Costa’s loan, Bielsa will look to purchase for about 8 million euros, otherwise, he will move on from the young Portugal international. However, Harrison remains firmly in Bielsa’s plans down the left flank, and Bielsa is willing to pay Manchester City what it takes to hold onto Bielsa’s best wide playmaker. Bielsa is looking to target Brentford winger Saïd Benrahma to play down the flank should Costa leave and Brentford stay in the relegation battle. His pace, dribbling and playmaking ability out wide would be perfect to link up in Bielsa’s new preferred 4-4-2 system.
Central Midfielders:
Bielsa has moved from his former 4-1-4-1 formation to try to get more industry from wide areas in a 4-4-2 set up, and English international Kalvin Phillips and Polish international Mateusz Klich have taken to the new formation quite nicely. Phillips spends a lot of time breaking up play and playmaking from deep, but has license to move forward to try to overload the opponent’s defence to create space for the strikers to operate in half spaces between the opponents midfield and defence. Klich has been instrumental in driving the team forward in a true box to box role. Klich has chipped in with two goals driving forward from the left sided central midfield spot, and links up well with Harrison and Kamara forming triangles down the left. Phillips spends more of his time playing switches and long balls from a slightly deeper position, not too different from his pivot in the 4-1-4-1. He has chipped in with one goal but five assists, with the long switch threaded between the two center halves to talisman Callum Wilson serving very effective. For rotation, Spanish veteran Pablo Hernandez has been a solid option when playing against a deep lying defence, or when the team is chasing a goal. Hernandez is solid in front of the next, and has an eye for playing the final ball in tight spaces, but at 35, Bielsa has preferred to keep him fresher as a rotation option for more decisive moments. However, Hernandez has chipped in with 3 goals from central midfield in limited minutes. When Klich has needed rotation due to fatigue and Bielsa is looking for a replacement to provide industry, former fullback Stuart Dallas has been the preferred option. Dallas has been industrious and has provided two assists from the center of the park. When defending a lead, Adam Forshaw has been an option to see out games, as he rarely gets forward and is a calming veteran presence in the midfield. Bielsa is looking to move Forshaw on in the summer, and Hernandez is considering retirement. Bielsa is looking to possibly make a move for Levante central midfielder Enis Bardhiin the summer, as Levante could be facing relegation in La Liga, and the midfielder has a great work rate and eye for a pass. An option for a defensive midfielder could be Okay Yokuslu from Celta Vigo, as they are also struggling in La Liga.
In Bielsa’s new two forward system, the preferred partnership has been from English international Patrick Bamford and summer arrival Callum Wilson from Bournemouth. While Bamford has played more of a secondary role to create space for the talisman, he has provided phenomenal playmaking and movement for Wilson to get in spaces behind the defence and do what he does best, score. Bamford has contributed 7 goals and 5 assists this season, and earned himself a move in January to Brighton and Hove Albion for 5,500,000 euros as he preferred to play as a lone striker. Wilson, however, has been a revelation in Bielsa’s team. Wilson leads the league with 20 goals in 21 matches, and has also added 4 assists as well. He will almost certainly be a part of Bielsa’s core moving forward, and Bielsa is looking to reinvest the money from the Bamford sale into a new striker to start alongside Wilson. The top target was Nico Gonzalez from VfB Stuttgart, but an agreement could not be reached on a transfer fee. With limited money, Bielsa could be looking towards Jean-Kevin Augustin as an emergency starter, but he has spent most of the season injured. However, young Welshman Tyler Roberts has been sufficient when called upon, chipping in with a goal and four assists in substitute appearances, but with his wayward finishing, Bielsa prefers to look elsewhere as a starter and let Roberts maintain a super sub role to inject pace into the attack late in games.
Overall Team Review:
While depth is thin, Leeds should have no problem staying up with the talent they have in the starting XI and on the bench. An injury to Callum Wilson could derail the side, but fixture overload slows down later in January, so Bielsa should be able to weather the storm with what he has availiable. However, the team has exceeded all expectations and are just five points behind Manchester United for Europa League spots. European football should be intriguing to prospective targets if Leeds can continue their form from early in the season before missteps around the festive period. Leeds are back.
Transfer Incoming: Callum Wilson (14,500,000)
Hassane Kamara ( 3,500,000) Stade de Reims
Tim Krul (2,500,000 + Kiko Casilla)
Transfer Outgoing:
Kiko Casilla (0)
Jack Stephens (Loan, CD Tondela)
Patrick Bamford (5,500,000, Brighton)
Top Scorers:
Wilson (20)
Bamford (7)
Hernandez (3)
Costa (2)
Klich (2)
Phillips (1)
Harrison (1)
Roberts (1)
Harrison (9)
Phillips (5)
Bamford (5)
Wilson (4)
Roberts (4)
Dallas (2)
Costa (1)
Clean Sheets:
9th Place (34 points)
9w, 7d, 5L (GD4)
5 points behind Europa (MU)
Biggest Win 5-0 v Palace
Biggest Loss 5-0 v West Ham
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2020.06.27 19:03 TheMightyBox72 Respect Daredevil (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

"Okay, that right there. That's what I'm talking about. Okay, I find a guy in a dumpster, who turns out to be some kind of blind vigilante who can do all this really weird shit. Like smell cologne through walls, and sense whether someone's unconscious or faking it. Plus on top of that he can take an unbelievable amount of punishment without one damn complaint."
"Last part's the Catholicism."
When Matt Murdock was a kid, his father, a boxer, always told him to be smart, get an education, and find a good paying job like being a doctor or a lawyer. To not be a fighter like him. Even when Matt got in an accident trying to save an old man, which splashed chemicals in his eyes, permanently blinding him but enhancing all of his other senses. Only a few years later, Matt would lose his father when he refused to take a dive in the highest profile match of his career, leaving Matt without any parents in a Catholic orphanage. It was here, still struggling with his out of control senses, where he was found by a warrior Stick, who trained him not only to fight, but to use his senses to feel the world around him better than he could ever see. But Stick wanted Matt to join his army in a secret war, and the one thing he could never get Matt to do was kill another person, and so Stick left him as well. Matt eventually did become a lawyer, like he promised his dad. But with his enhanced senses showing him the entire city around him, and all of the crime in it, he couldn't stand not doing anything. Donning a black mask, Matt began to go after the criminals he couldn't lock away during the day at night, using his fighting skill to take them down and stop them from hurting others. Eventually he got enough notoriety to earn a nickname in the public consciousness, The Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Or, as he would eventually be know, Daredevil.
Designed to emulate Wilson Fisk's protective clothing, Daredevil's suit is also body armor that helps protect him from slashing and piercing weapons.
Vs Groups
Reading People
Environmental Awareness
Range & Strength
Throwing Strength
Throwing Skill
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2020.06.02 15:43 Quippykisset Inves2
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2020.04.22 22:07 gamedemon24 [OC] The 150 Greatest Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: #30-21

At the beginning of the list, I was talking about why certain characters weren't really that great. Now, we're at the point where I get to rant and rave about how great each character is. It's getting a lot more fun to write!

30. Gamora

This might be considered an underrate by some, but I stand by it. Gamora had a touching arc as she learned to accept her new family, her old family (well, Nebula more than Thanos), and her feelings for Peter Quill, but she didn't develop a whole ton outside of that. Gamora's scenes on Ego where her and Nebula hashed out their differences were by and large the least compelling parts of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But enough negative stuff about her, how about the positive? One of the ultimate badasses of the MCU, regardless of the whole 'girl power' factor. And her scene with Quill dancing to the old Walkman tape on Nowhere was a touching moment of personal growth and a moment of great subtle acting from Zoe Saldana.

29. Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter (Bullseye)

The secondary antagonist of Daredevil's third season was nearly as enthralling as its primary one. Where at first he was your average exemplary FBI agent, as Dex got more and more tied up with Wilson Fisk and his inside plot, the duct tape holding together his mental sanity began to rip open and come undone. Dex became a true danger to Matt Murdock in his quest to lock the Kingpin up and end his reign over Hell's Kitchen once and for all. The scenes in the New York Bulletin office and the Catholic church showed that, when the setting is on his side, Dex is not only a deadly but a truly dangerous adversary.

28. T'Challa (Black Panther)

Ever since his introduction back in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther has done a lot to cement himself into the greater pantheon of the MCU. He was the greatest surprise in his debut, and with his own solo outing he quickly became a pop culture icon all across America. Though T'Challa may not have been a massive key player in the grand scheme of things come the next two Avengers movies, he was a scene-stealer: sprinting ahead of the crowd alongside Captain America and later running Jim Brown-style through the battlefield to protect the nanotech infinity gauntlet were great reminders of just how damn cool this character really is.

27. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)

Another candidate for most powerful Avenger, Wanda went from being a rough equal to her Avenger teammates in Age of Ultron to practically throwing mountains around just three years later in Infinity War. And it was a welcome progression to see; it's realistic that Wanda might take a little while to grow into her 'no more mutants' comic self. And now that Marvel has reclaimed the rights to the X-Men, we very well may see that exact line uttered on the big screen. Fingers crossed!

26. Phil Coulson

Film Phil Coulson probably would've landed somewhere between #50 and #100 on this list, but having spent more time with him than perhaps anyone else due to his time on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Phil has really grown from likable side character to true fan favorite. Having experienced the discovery of aliens, being impaled through the chest by a Norse god, pulling the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D. back together with his barehands, getting his hand chopped off by a shotgun axe, and fighting a couple more different alien races along the way, he's probably been through the most out of anyone in the MCU by now. He also continues the cherished comic tradition of dying numerous different times only to not really go anywhere.

25. Leo Fitz

Continuing with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters, Fitz was another character who grew from being fairly one-dimensional to having one of the most complex character arcs ever put to screen. He was one half of the strongest couple in the MCU (yes they are, fight me), he overcame brain damage, he was betrayed by his best friend, he slept in ice for the second longest time of any MCU character, he literally died, and he crossed the universe to rescue his love from her desertment on a desert planet with a 100% mortality rate. Maybe there's a couple characters with a bit higher intellect than Fitz, but nobody has quite the rap sheet that he does.

24. Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

I have a strong feeling Nat's gonna get bumped up into the top ten once her solo movie comes out this year. Had it released on schedule, it'd have been worked into this list and she would've already been there. Nat has been one of the ever-present forces in the MCU, adding a needed groundedness to balance out all the bombast of some of her teammates. The only thing keeping her from placing higher is that she had relatively little development outside of Age of Ultron and Endgame. But the role she did play across all those other films is enough to immortalize her as one of the absolute icons of the MCU so far.

23. Drax the Destroyer

I'm sure I'll get flack for putting Drax above Widow. You either love Drax's humor or you don't, and I'm unashamed in how much I love it. His total cluelessness in sarcasm and metaphors just never gets old. Yes, he's a layered character with a sympathetic backstory and fleshed-out development, but if he had none of that I'd probably still have him top forty. He's just the best. And although James Gunn had to go to bat with Disney to get Dave Bautista the part, I don't think there could be anyone in the world better to play that part. The machismo somehow blended with subtlety is a perfect realization of Gunn's vision for the character. Drax is just the freaking best.

22. Peggy Carter

The highest ranking character on the list who would technically be called 'a love interest' is Peggy Carter, because she's just so much more than that. Peggy is the ultimate personification of female excellence in World War II America, rising through the ranks in a man's job and taking absolutely no garbage from the men around her. None. And beyond her stellar career with the U.S. Army, Peggy went on to cofound S.H.I.E.L.D., where she'd make as much if not more of a difference there than she did in the war. And you know, writing this little feature on her made me realize something else...she's the only 'love interest' in the MCU that you can write a whole passage about without once mentioning her male partner. Eat your heart out, Cap.

21. Mariah Dillard

While Bushmaster might object to calling her Mariah Dillard, he and all the other villains of Netflix's Luke Cage have a lot of catching up to do to realize the sheer greatness of Mariah as an antagonist. Mariah was interesting in Season 1, sure, but she grew into a true tour de force in the show's second season. Uninhibited by the calculated ways of Cornell, Mariah used her know-how in the political field and her twisted Bill-Hillary dynamic with Shades to become the most powerful force of destruction the streets and corner offices of Harlem alike had ever seen. Nothing, nothing compares to her speech to her daughter while hiding out from Bushmaster and his men. If you've seen it, you know the one. I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but it's a nearly unrivaled moment of pure despicable evilness.
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2020.04.21 20:35 hallach_halil My one and only mock draft for 2020

All prospects have been evaluated, the rankings have been put out and we are just two days away from the draft. Now it’s time to have some fun!
I have been gathering information in the background and thinking about how Thursday could look like, but this is my one and only mock draft for 2020. To make myself clear – this is what I think will happen, not what I would do.
For every pick, I give a quick analysis on why I think it will happen and how I would grade them, in comparison to my big board.
Here we go:

1. Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
This pick has been locked in pretty much since the start of November when LSU defeated their arch-rival Alabama to put themselves on track for an SEC championship. All their quarterback did in that postseason run was throw 16 touchdowns and no picks, en route to a national title. The Bengals need that kind of winner in their program with the fearless attitude to battle the physical AFC North teams. Burrow has the poise, pocket presence, field vision and ball-placement to immediately give them an upgrade at quarterback and someone to build the team around, with some nice pieces on offense around him already.

2. Washington Redskins – Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State
The Redskins may listen to some calls for trading a couple of spots down if somebody wants to come up for a quarterback, but in the end Ron Rivera will not pass on a dominant edge rusher like he was playing around back in the day. Young has the elite physical skill-set in terms of burst, bend and reactionary athleticism to continue that tremendous success he had for the Buckeyes. Washington now adds him to the three other defensive linemen they have selected in the first rounds of the last three years already to form a ferocious front-four, with Young having the potential to play at an All-Pro level for several years.

3. Los Angeles Chargers (via Detroit Lions) – Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama (for picks 6, 37 and 112)
We have our first trade! The Chargers have been very vocal about Tyrod Taylor being their starter under center this year and with the selection of the Alabama quarterback, they can still go with that plan initially, while adding a long-term star potentially. Tua is such a natural passer with the ability to work through progressions like a machine and make pin-point passes all over the field. The injury history is definitely a concern and giving up a second- and fourth-round pick to go with this investment makes this a high-risk selection, but the Bolts have a lot of young players to pay soon, and having the QB on a rookie deal may help as well.

4. New York Giants – Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa
A lot has been made about Isaiah Simmons being the at four because Dave Gettleman loves athletic freaks, but he gets another one here with Wirfs, while also adding much-needed help to the O-line. Contrary to popular belief, the GM has actually never selected one of his “hog mollies” in the first round, but that changes this year. Wirfs will immediately boost the rushing attack with his explosiveness and power to open holes for Saquon Barkley, while having all the tools to improve technically as a pass-protector. He could also move inside to guard, offering positional flexibility across the front.

5. Miami Dolphins – Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
While Miami certainly has the draft capital to move up for the quarterback of the future, they can stay put at five and still get the guy they have been high on for a while now, according to multiple reports. That allows them to still make three two other picks in the first round to upgrade their roster in a broader way. If you have read my breakdown of Herbert and seen that he is “only” number 37 on my big board, you know that I have question marks about the way he sees the field and can work through multiple reads, but the arm talent and athleticism are certainly there. I would just prefer them to allow the young man to sit early on.

6. Detroit Lions (via Los Angeles Chargers) – Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State
This is close to a perfect scenario for Detroit. They trade back three spots and pick up a couple of picks in the process, while still getting the guy they have had their eyes on all along. Okudah is the premiere corner in this class, with the length, speed and loose hips to go with pretty advanced technique when you consider he really was only a one-year starter for that talented Ohio State secondary. The Lions traded away Darius Slay to get a younger and cheaper option as their CB1. Okudah fits perfectly in this man-heavy scheme under Matt Patricia and they should be able to trust him from week one.

7. Carolina Panthers – Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson
Similarly, the Panthers just lost Luke Kuechly, even though they obviously didn’t decide to get rid of him. Simmons may not be your prototypical MIKE linebacker, but his range and explosiveness are absurb for anybody at the second level. With Matt Rhule coming over from Baylor and taking his defensive coordinator with him, they will make the full-time switch to a 3-4, where they will cover up bodies and allow Simmons to roam around freely. His ability to scrape and shut down anything to the edges could be what makes this system go, plus he gives you the versatility to move into the slot or rush off the edge on third downs.

8. Arizona Cardinals – Derrick Brown, IDL, Auburn
This was the one pick that really had me going back and forth. The Cardinals obviously could use some help on the offensive line and three of the top four tackles are still available, but there aren’t many truly dominant defensive players on the board in this range and they just re-signed D.J. Humphries to a three-year deal, with the option to still address the O-line on day two. Arizona has already signed Jordan Phillips coming off a career-year, but he is not close to the all-around player Brown is. The Auburn DT would be a great fit at nose tackle right in the middle of Vance Joseph’s 3-4 scheme, holding his ground in the run game and pushing the pocket up the middle.

9. Atlanta Falcons (via Jacksonville Jaguars) – Javon Kinlaw, IDL, South Carolina (for picks 16 and 47)
The second trade of my mock draft involves the Falcons, who have emerged as prime candidates to move up and select one of top defensive prospects still available, while Jacksonville seemingly wants to collect draft capital. Kinlaw is exactly what that front office always describes as an “urgent athlete”. He has freakish explosiveness and a ton of natural power. While he is kind of a one-trick pony with his bull-rush at this point, he has all the tools to become a dominant player up front for them, to pair with Grady Jarrett inside. Florida cornerback C.J. Henderson could be an option here as well, but Kinlaw’s presence would help the secondary and add size to a rather small defense.

10. Cleveland Browns – Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville
The Browns are reportedly in conversations with multiple teams to trade down, but they might not be able to resist this massive tackle prospect. Becton is a 365-pound mauler in the run game that would fit perfectly for what Kevin Stefanski wants to do with that heavy zone-rushing attack and bootlegs off it. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement in terms of technique – especially in pass-protection – but with Becton at left tackle this offensive line looks tremendous now. The interior already looked strong, but with free agent Jack Conklin and this first-round pick, they are set at tackle for a while now.

11. Denver Broncos (via New York Jets) – Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama (for picks 15, 83 and 118)
This has been in the news over the last few days and I could absolutely see it. The Broncos are looking for somebody to pair with Courtland Sutton. To go with the big-bodied wideout, they now have the best route-runner in the draft, who can move along the formation. Combine that with last year’s first-round pick Noah Fant at tight-end in addition to an excellent duo of backs and sophomore quarterback Drew Lock has plenty of weapons around him now. If they sit back at number 15, the top three receivers are probably off the board and they have to pick somebody that is several spots behind that group, while in this scenario they still keep two third-rounders. The speed of Henry Ruggs would be an excellent complement as well.

12. Las Vegas Raiders – Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama
The run on wide receivers has officially started! The Raiders have their pick of the other two guys not named Jerry Jeudy and I have them going with the shiny toy in Ruggs. The Alabama standout has speed for days and he would be great weapon for Jon Gruden to utilize. With Tyrrell Williams, Zay Jones, Hunter Renfrow and now Nelson Agholor, Las Vegas could definitely use a guy like Ruggs to scare defenses. Derek Carr might not be the type of guy who will let it rip five times a game, but they can put the ball in Ruggs’ hands on jet sweeps, reverses or let him run away from everybody after catching a slant route. This is a pick Al Davis would be proud of.

13. San Francisco 49ers – Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
That leaves San Francisco, who traded DeForest Buckner for this pick, with the third guy of that trio at the top and he might be number one on their board. Lamb is an outstanding fit for that system that may lack a true X receiver. He is a physical route-runner, has that alpha mentality when the ball is in the air and is just amazing with the ball in his hands. Just imagine him and Deebo Samuel going to work, as two of the very best at gaining yards after the catch. With some of the limitations Jimmy Garoppolo showed in the Super Bowl, having weapons around him that can make life easy on him is crucial.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jedrick Wills Jr., OT, Alabama
The Bucs leave day one as one of the biggest winners after my top tackle falls to them due to a combination of factors – the Cardinals going defense instead, the Browns falling in love with Becton and the Jets trading down a spot behind them. Wills shows an aggressive mindset in the run game and close to flawless technique as a pass-protector. Tampa Bay could definitely use an upgrade at right tackle over Joe Haeg to keep a soon 43-year old Tom Brady upright and they get the best one in the entire draft. So they land exactly who they need without even having to move up in this scenario.

15. New York Jets (via Denver Broncos) – Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
Gang Green has to be very happy with how the board falls as well. They move down four spots in exchange for a third- and fourth-round pick respectively, but can still select their future left tackle to protect Sam Darnold. Thomas is my number four tackle, but this is still right where I think he should go. He is an excellent zone run-blocker and has a proven track record of shutting down some of the premiere pass rushers in the SEC (only one sack allowed last season). Of course a true number one receiver could be the target as well, if they stick at 11, but this might yield even better results for them with the added picks.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars – C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida
This kid has really been rising up draft boards and I would not be shocked if he was the pick at number nine if the Jags can’t find a trade partner. Now that they have sent away their duo of Ramsey and Bouye, cornerback has all of a sudden become a huge need. Henderson gives them another super-talented cover-guy with the attitude to survive on an island. With all the players they have and might still trade away, Jacksonville doesn’t seem to be in contention right now and this young man is someone they can groom into a different version of what they had in Ramsey.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (via Dallas Cowboys) – Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU (for picks 21, 103 and 145)
The Eagles are desperate for a wide receiver and while they would love to go up and grab a speed monster like Henry Ruggs, Jefferson is the clear number four guy on a lot of team’s boards. The Dolphins and Jaguars could be threats to grab Jefferson before Philly is on the clock at 21, so they move up a couple of spots in order to secure the receiver, in exchange for their third-round pick and one of their fourth-rounders. Jefferson may not quite offer the speed to open up room in-between the hashes for their tight-ends, but he would give Carson Wentz a very dependable target to replace Nelson Agholor, who was anything but that for the Birds.

18. Miami Dolphins – K’Lavon Chaisson, Edge, LSU
They Dolphins have already added three former high draft picks on the edge this offseason – Shaq Lawson, Taco Charlton and Emmanuel Ogbah – but they still need that true number one guy and Chaisson has the potential to be just that. He is such a natural, bendy pass rusher and he offers a lot of versatility in terms of his pursuit off the backside, how dangerous he is on stunts and the things he can do in coverage. Those are things Brian Flores and those former Patriot coaches value highly. Chaisson should also continue to be a team leader, having proudly worn that number 18 for the Bayou Bengals, and he is someone to build that program around.

19. Las Vegas Raiders – A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson
We already saw this last year – Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden love established players from big-time programs, especially Clemson. Terrell has the length and speed to develop into an excellent corner to pair back up with his running mate Trayvon Mullen from just a couple of years ago. I certainly have my question marks with him, when you look at the issues he has at changing directions due to his lanky build and how much he struggles with his back to the ball down the field. Still, he is the type of guy the NFL seems to love and the Raiders are the ones who seem primed to reach a little for a player they are high on.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars – Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
Jacksonville goes back to the well with a defensive back from the SEC – this time at safety. With LSU receiver Justin Jefferson off the board and no offensive linemen quite worth the pick, another highly productive tone-setter like McKinney makes a lot of sense. The Alabama safety offers great versatility, being able to cover deep halves, drop in the box or line up over slot receivers. He may not be the flashiest pick and the Jaguars could be looking to trade down from here again, but if they stay put, they could do a lot worse than my number one safety available, who I happen to have right at that number 20 spot on my big board as well.

21. Dallas Cowboys (via Philadelphia Eagles) – Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU
I think the Cowboys would love to grab C.J. Henderson or maybe even one of those top-tier receivers, but with the corner going just one spot before their original pick and all three pass-catchers off the board, they would be smart to move back a little. Dallas seems to be happy with Connor McGovern jumping in at center for Travis Frederick, so I didn’t go with a guy like Michigan’s Cesar Ruiz either. Instead I have them selecting a different corner from the reigning national champions. Fulton played as much press-man as any corner in the draft last season, but he also has the ability to click and close in zone-coverage. For some reason I can really imagine him with that blue star on his helmet, replacing the recently departed Byron Jones.

22. Minnesota Vikings – Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, Penn State
A long and explosive defensive end with all the athletic tools to become an even better player in the pros – sound familiar? That’s pretty much how I would have described Danielle Hunter just five years ago. Gross-Matos is the type of prospect that seems right in the mold of those guys Mike Zimmer brings in and turns into stars after just a couple of seasons. He is already a very physical run-stopper and has tremendous upside in the pass game. With Everson Griffen opting out of contract, they have a hole at the position and Gross-Matos already has some experience moving inside over guards in sub-packages like they used to do with Griffen.

23. New England Patriots – A.J. Epenesa, Edge, Iowa
This just seems like such an obvious Bill Belichick move. With Epenesa he picks up a really productive player, who is already technically sound and a big body up front. He offers great versatility across the formation, stands his ground in the run game and doesn’t get taken outside his rush lanes, which is something BB covets. I know quarterback is the big topic here and I thought about how this could work that New England possibly trades down and still grabs somebody they like, but I just don’t see them selecting a quarterback that is an immature decision-maker and freelancer like Jordan Love, even though it would of course be fun to see what Josh McDaniels & company can do with him.

24. New Orleans Saints – Patrick Queen, LB, LSU
When you look at this Saints roster, there really aren’t a lot of holes to fill. Before free agency began, a number two receiver to Michael Thomas seemed to be the target, but with Emmanuel Sanders being brought in, I shifted my focus to the defense. With veterans Janoris Jenkins and Malcolm Jenkins being added to the secondary already, I have them picking up a linebacker from nearby. Queen only has one full year of starting experience and still needs to work on his tackling form as well as not overrunning as many plays, but he has excellent range in coverage and while he weighs in at just under 230 pounds, he is not afraid to run into pulling linemen.

25. Minnesota Vikings – Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah
Nobody loves drafting cornerbacks in the first round more than Mike Zimmer and with his two starters from last season gone, the Vikings actually need one this time around. I thought about offensive tackle and wide receiver here as well, but ultimately stuck with defense. Johnson has been one of the best players in college football when targeted over these last three seasons and has allowed a passer-rating in the mid-50s in all of them. The physical corner can re-route receivers as well as anybody in this class and he does not shy away from tackling. Perfect for the Vikes.

26. Miami Dolphins – Josh Jones, OT, Houston
I’m starting another little run on offensive tackles here, with Miami kicking things off. The Dolphins fielded one of the worst front-fives we have seen in recent years. Before the 2019 season even started, they let their right tackle walk and during the year they traded away their young LT Laremy Tunsil. So if they want to keep anybody alive they draft at quarterback, they better invest in the O-line. To me Jones has clearly established himself as my fifth tackle, but he doesn’t offer the freakish size or athleticism some teams are looking for at the position. Still, he creates plenty of movement in the run game and he shows good knee-bend and independent hand-usage as a protector.

27. Seattle Seahawks – Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia
The next guy is somebody I have nowhere close to the first round in my rankings, but has just been creating too much buzz for me to not acknowledge could go here. And no team better to shock us all in the first round than an organization like the Seahawks, who have blown up any mocks we have seen in recent years. I think Wilson lacks some agility to survive full-time on the edge in a true drop-back system, but with what Seattle likes to do with their run-heavy approach and play-action off it, the behemoth right tackle from Georgia could fit in well. At this point I could also see them surprise us with a Jeremy Chinn or an edge rusher they really like as well.

28. Baltimore Ravens – Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
Over these last two seasons, the Ravens have lost C.J. Mosley and Patrick Onwuasor to the Jets in free agency. They re-signed L.J. Fort and play their safeties at dime linebacker quite a bit anyway, but they still need that alpha in the middle of their defense. Murray has incredible range and closing speed for the position, while those big bodies up front will allow him to stay clean from blockers. I was going to go with either him or Patrick Queen, depending on which of the two falls to them here, since that is the biggest need for them, while having the ability to select another receiver from this loaded class later on. If both of the guys I mentioned are off the board, a hybrid stand-up backer and edge rusher in Wisconsin’s Zack Baun would make a lot of sense too.

29. Tennessee Titans – Austin Jackson, OT, USC
And that makes seven offensive tackles in the first round! The Titans right now are set to go into camp (or not, depending on how this whole situation develops) with Dennis Kelly and Ty Sambrailo competing for the starting spot at right tackle. While another pass-rusher or a replacement for Logan Ryan could be options here as well, I believe with Vic Beasley coming over and some young guys moving up the depth chart in the secondary, they will continue to invest into their O-line with Jack Conklin gone. I don’t think Jackson is a very physical run-blocker and his base can vary too much, but he certainly has the athletic traits to develop.

30. Green Bay Packers – Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor
The Packers need to add more pass-catchers around Aaron Rodgers. All the offensive tackles are off the board to replace Bryan Bulaga, they have invested heavily into their defense in recent years and the only that would make some sence here is TCU defensive tackle Ross Blacklock. Instead I went with another Big 12 standout in the freakish Denzel Mims. The former Baylor receiver has blown everybody away at the Senior Bowl and combine with his combination of size, explosiveness and physicality. I have him as my 31st overall prospect and would not be surprised if he went even earlier.

31. Indianapolis Colts (via San Francisco 49ers) – Jordan Love, QB, Utah State (for picks 44, 122 and a 2021 second-rounder)
In our final trade of this mock draft, I have the Colts moving up from the 44th pick and giving a fourth-rounder this year to go with a number two in 2021 to grab their quarterback of the future. Indy has been high on Love all along and while Philip Rivers should be the short-term solution, this only gives their young signal-caller time to reign in his reckless style of play. Love is as talented as any other quarterback in this draft, but he is coming off a year in which he led the FBS in interceptions (17) and still has a long way to go. Regardless, I can stand behind this way easier than Justin Herbert in the top six. The 49ers will be more than happy to move back, since they don’t own any picks on day two at this moment.

32. Kansas City Chiefs – Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU
As this draft process has advanced, I have had this feeling more and more. Of course the Chiefs could invest in another corner here or possibly trade back a few spots and still pick their guy, but in the end I think this just makes a lot of sense. Edwards-Helaire is “only” my number five back in this class, but he is still my 51st-ranked overall prospect and fits the KC offense really well. Not only would he give them a more physical identity as a hard-nosed runner with the contact balance to create yardage after contact, but he also led all draft-eligible RBs in receptions last season, giving Mahomes and this pass-happy offense another weapon, while being an outstanding check-down option off their vertical concepts.

Also considered:

D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia
Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State
Cesar Ruiz, IOL, Michigan
Ross Blacklock, IDL, TCU
Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin
Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU
Antoine Winfield Jr., S, Minnesota

If you enjoyed the content, I would really appreciate if you could visit the original piece -
On my page, you can find all the positional breakdowns and my big board as well.

You can also listen to my analysis of all the picks on Youtube -
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2020.04.16 22:17 gamedemon24 [OC] The 150 Greatest Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: #80-71

So a few of these have been deleted now, and after some digging I finally figured out why: the mods have an automod filter set up for these posts, and are requiring me to manually message them every time I post one of these for it to be approved. I don't know how long it's going to take after I post this for it to be visible, but hopefully it's quick enough for it to be seen. There's nothing else I can do, communication has been scarce, and it's highly frustrating. But without further ado, here's the next segment.

80. Madame Gao

There has been exactly one character that Wilson Fisk feared: the diabolical Madame Gao. One of the five fingers of the Hand and the highest ranking on this list, Gao ran an international heroin cartel that used Wilson Fisk's crime mafia for distribution in Hell's Kitchen and throughout New York. She had run-ins with both Daredevil and Iron Fist, but neither did much to get in the way of her mission with the Hand. There were far more powerful beings than her in the MCU, but perhaps none more powerful in the realm of the business world.

79. Danny Rand (Iron Fist)

Danny is actually the lowest ranking main protagonist on this list, and the last one we'll see until we're almost in the top 50. The heir to a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical corporation, Rand returned from K'un Lun to transform the greedy super-capitalist machine into a force for global good, much to the chagrin of many of its shareholders. In addition to being a capitalist crusader, Danny is also the immortal Iron Fist, wielder of a powerful inner force that can lay waste to an entire legion of soldiers. He used this great endowment to to protect the ones he loved and, eventually, topple the Hand.

78. James Wesley

The suave, charismatic right-hand man to Wilson Fisk, James Wesley was the Kingpin's perfect foil: a calm, calculated perspective when Fisk himself tended to fly off the hook. Where Wesley wasn't innately intimidating, his skills as a fixer for the mafia made him a terror to anyone who crossed paths with the mob in the wrong way. Though when one rises to such stature in the criminal underground, they can sometimes let their arrogance get the best of them, which can sometimes lead to their demise...

77. David Lieberman (Micro)

The best thing about the MCU is their ability to take such minor characters from the comics and make them thoroughly compelling on-screen. Lieberman was the victim of a government conspiracy that caused him to have to fake his own death and go into hiding, where he soon was forced to recruit the help of Frank Castle to take out the men who threatened his family and return to his normal life. In the process he wound up not just being a partner to Castle, but the first friend the Punisher had had since he lost his entire family by the hands of his best friend.

76. Howard Stark

One of the great industrialists in history at the time, Howard Stark was the catalyst that led to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark Industries being created. His budding career began by creating the technology needed to administer Abraham Erskine's serum into Steve Rogers to create Captain America, and his Stark Expo blueprints later gave his son Tony a guiding push from beyond the grave to help his synthesize palladium and save his own life. Howard's fingerprints are all over the MCU we know today, and while he never lived to see the extent of the havoc our world would go on to experience, it's undeniable the world would not've been as prepared for it had it not been for him.

75. Michelle Jones

Michelle hasn't had a ton of direct hand in affecting the MCU's plot, but she is perhaps the most well-portrayed and realistic love interest in the film series so far. It's so easy to get caught up in how perfectly scripted every love story in the movies can be, that to see Peter and Michelle awkwardly struggle to eventually convey their feelings to one another comes off as pretty refreshing. When Spider-Man 3 hits screens some time in the next few years, it'll be interesting to see how their dynamic evolves now that the world knows Peter's Spider-Man.

74. Misty Knight

Often in superhero stories, the vigilante needs a trustworthy friend in the local PD to aid them with the "on-paper" side of crime-fighting. And while Luke Cage symbolized what we as neighbors should do for each other, Misty Knight showed what the police should be to their community: a relentless force fighting to oust dirt and corruption at all costs. And while it seems we'll never get a chance to see where her story leads next, it's easy to imagine Harlem is a different world now with the deaths of Cottonmouth, Diamondback, and the most evil of them all, Mariah Dillard.

73. Calvin Zabo

Characters like Cal are exactly what makes Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. great. Starting out seeming like a relatively two-dimensional antagonist with relatively clear motivations and later evolving into a complex, conflicted character who experiences internal struggle, and has to fight a nuanced personal dilemma and make an incredibly difficult decision. At the end, Cal had to realize his wife was not pure of heart, and that it was going to be either her or their daughter who died. He made the heartbreaking choice to save Daisy, and the equally tragic decision to allow his mind to be wiped shortly thereafter.

72. Foggy Nelson

Yes, I know this segment is super Netflix-heavy. The next character is from Netflix too. 5/10 of the next segment are too. If you haven't seen the Netflix shows by now, what are you doing? Get on it!
Anyway, Foggy Nelson is easily one of the best best friends the MCU has had to offer. He's not just comic relief, though he is funny. And he's shown to be every bit the lawyer that Matt Murdock is when the two are tasked with defending Frank Castle in a highly publicized trial. Before that even happened, Foggy demonstrated his unconditional loyalty by his best friend by running into gunfire when he knew Matt might've been taken out while fighting the Punisher. Even after Daredevil concluded, Foggy found his place representing other superheroes such as Luke Cage in the legal realm of the MCU.

71. John McIver (Bushmaster)

Did I say Mariah Dillard back there? Sorry, I meant Stokes...Mariah Stokes. John McIver never let Mariah try and cover up her family history, and never relented in his quest to exact his revenge on the Stokes for murdering his mother. When he and the Yardies came to Harlem to set their foot down in Mariah's territory, Bushmaster ended up crossing paths with Luke Cage, and soon claimed the distinction of being one of two people to put a whooping on the bulletproof man, along with the Iron Fist. Starting as a regular old evil MCU villain, Bushmaster was later shown to have quite the case for his actions, and later even fought alongside Luke against Hai-Qing Yang's men. McIver was nothing if not charismatic, and I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't love to one day see him return in a future MCU installment.
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2020.04.02 23:46 radlia787 Applications for SU Awards open; deadline June 30, 2020

I know that many students are struggling with financial concerns and I wanted to remind people that there are quite a lot of awards that the Students Union has with a lot of different criteria (not all academic!). The applications require a resume, personal statement, 1-2 letters of reference and an unofficial transcript.
This is the link to the Awards Page:
Below I have copied all of the Involvement Awards in case people want a look at awards criteria, there are more awards at the link. I think you can apply for three individual awards max. There are also student group awards.

Alberta Treasury Branches Volunteerism Award

Established by Alberta Treasury Branches to recognize students who maintain good academic standing while making a contribution to the community through volunteerism.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Bill Smith Student Mentorship Award

Established to honour W. D. (Bill) Smith, Students’ Union General Manager from 1991-2008. During his time as General Manager, Bill provided guidance, compassion and a sense of humour that inspired 17 years of student leaders. Bill’s zest for life, be it with an English football discussion, a passionate plea for his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders or his early morning smile provided a great atmosphere in the Students’ Union each and every day.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

BMO Award for Outstanding Academic Involvement

The BMO Award for Outstanding Academic Involvement recognizes students who have contributed to an academic initiative. Contributions to research do not need to be published, but preference will be given to those featured in peer-reviewed contexts.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

CIBC Community Investment Award

Established by CIBC to recognize students who maintain good academic standing while serving as a leader in the community.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Cristal Mar Memorial Award

Established to remember and celebrate Cristal’s contributions to the University of Alberta until she passed away in 1995. While working towards her acceptance into the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cristal balanced significant contributions to the university community with academic excellence. She was an active member of Safewalk and played a key role in the inaugural 1995 National Campus Safety Conference.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Dean Mortensen Award

Established to perpetuate the memory of Dean Mortensen, a first year Science student at the University of Alberta, and resident of St. Joseph's College who tragically disappeared on January 23, 1992 and has not since been found. Dean Mortensen contributed to student life in many ways, namely through his dedication and commitment to St. Joseph's College and the St. Joseph's Rangers.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Dr. Randy Gregg Athletics Award

Dr. Randy Gregg was a student at the University of Alberta from 1972 to 1980, receiving a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Medicine degree. He was a key player on the Golden Bears Hockey team and, as captain in 1979, led the team to National Championship. Randy Gregg represented Canada as a member of the hockey team in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, and went on to join the Edmonton Oilers in 1983.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Edo Japan Global Citizenship Award

As a component of its lease agreement with the Students' Union, each year Edo Japan will provide funding for the Students' Union Awards.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Eugene L. Brody Award

Established to perpetuate the memory of Eugene L. Brody, B.A., B.Sc., a student at the University of Alberta for twenty-three years who had cerebral palsy and was able to make outstanding contributions in extra-curricular activities. Eugene Brody's contributions were made with a strong personal philosophy, "To have a full life, one has to struggle every step of the way."
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Executive of the Year

Established to recognize Student Group executives who go above and beyond the expectations of their position. They often spearhead events, gather required resources, introduce different recruitment strategies and much more, while maintaining the groups dynamic and ability to progress.
Number of Awards
Value of Each Award:

Filistix International Student Excellence Award

The Filistix International Student Excellence Award recognizes the invaluable contributions that international students bring to the University of Alberta campus each year. Their involvement must have contributed to enriching the campus life of their peers.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Gateway Student Journalism Society Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence

Established by the Gateway Student Journalism Society to recognize the benefits of autonomous media sources to the community, as well as the value of the student voice in an information-driven society. The Gateway has served the University of Alberta as a source of information and learning since 1910, and since achieving autonomy in the 2002/2003 publishing year, has striven to further these goals as an independent voice in the campus media environment.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Hilda Wilson Memorial Volunteer Recognition Award

Established to recognize qualities of congeniality and humanitarian dedication. At age 57, Hilda Wilson entered the Faculty of Law after two years in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. Unsurpassed in her dedication to her fellow students, Hilda's enthusiasm and energetic confidence as a volunteer endeared her to many.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Hooper-Munroe Academic Award

Named for Major R.C.W. Hooper, the past Dean of Men, and Miss Isobel Munroe, the past Dean of Women, the Hooper-Munroe Academic Award is intended to reward students who achieve academic excellence.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Hula Poke’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Hula Poke’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes students who actively contribute to making campus and the community a safer space for everyone to thrive. These contributions may be in the form of events, education, research or advocacy that contribute to uplifting the whole people.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award

Lorne Calhoun Memorial Award

Established to perpetuate the memory of Lorne Calhoun, B.A., a student at the University of Alberta from 1946 until his death in 1951, Lorne Calhoun was active in debating (President of the Debating Society, founder of Debating Union, twice a member of the McGoun Cup Intervarsity team), national and international organizations (member of International Relations Club, Chairman of Alberta Committee of International Student Services, executive member of Political Science Club, Speaker of Parliamentary Forum), and miscellaneous organizations (The Gateway, History Club, Men's Economics Club, Philosophical Society, Arts and Science Club, University religious groups, chess and athletics).
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Louise Veillard Social Justice Activism Award

Established by the Students’ Union to recognize student involvement in the pursuit of humanitarianism and involvement in activism.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Luke Jansen Performing and Visual Arts Community Award

Established to celebrate the life of Luke Murray Jansen, B.A., a student at the University of Alberta from 2013 to 2017, this award recognizes students who contribute positively to the visual and performing arts communities, on campus and beyond. This award celebrates students who bring leadership to the visual and performing arts communities and to the student body in their own unique way – those students who know that the arts can enrich everyday life.
Luke, who was known as a bassist and lead vocalist in the band North of Here, passed away 4 months after his convocation. Luke and his band played at the 2017 Week of Welcome in quad – on stage in the glorious sunshine with his dear brother, who was beginning his first year looking on, hundreds of students relaxing and listening, and his U of A Alumni parents on the guest list to enjoy the special moment. Luke was an active participant in student life through the Political Science Undergraduate Association, working for the Students’ Union as a Deputy Returning Officer, and bringing “Tiny Concerts” to surprising spaces on campus with other musicians. Luke built community in creative ways wherever he went, including academic research for his political science honours thesis that explored the live music scene in Edmonton.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Marco’s Governance and Advocacy Award

The Marco’s Governance and Advocacy Award recognizes students whose governance or advocacy efforts have lead to change in their communities. This can be accomplished through work as an individual, or through contributions to student organizations, community organizations, governments or other institutions.
Number of Awards
Value of Each Award

Moody Tax Law Award

Established by Moodys Gartner Tax Law to recognize tax-related community contribution and/or tax-related academic work, carried out by undergraduate students.
Number of Awards
Value of Each Award

OPA! Souvlaki Student Achievement Award

As a component of its lease agreement with the Students' Union, each year OPA! Souvlaki will provide one thousand dollars ($1000.00) in awards.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Outstanding Resident Award

Established to recognize contribution to improving residence life at the University of Alberta; whether it is planning movie nights or cleaning up after every one of them. The Outstanding Resident will have shown immense dedication to their residence community.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

RBC Involvement Award

Established by the RBC to acknowledge individuals who complement their educational experience with extra-curricular involvement.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Scotiabank Award for Collaborative Initiatives

The Scotiabank Award for Collaborative Initiatives recognizes students who have spearheaded a collaborative initiative involving community and campus partners. This initiative should go beyond campus to involve the surrounding community.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Students' Union Award for Global Connection

Established to recognize outstanding acceptance and promotion of multiculturalism at the University of Alberta, by sharing their own culture while embracing the diversity that makes up the campus community.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Students' Union Award for Invaluable Contribution

Established to recognize outstanding contribution to an initiative or organization in a behind-the-scenes role.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Students' Union Award for Outstanding Innovation

In today's "there's-an-app-for-that" generation, true innovation is hard to come by. When everything's been done, where do you go? Whether you have invented, created, defined, theorized or refurbished an idea that has never been thought of before , this award is for you. This is not a grant to fund research but rather an award to recognize a finished product, idea or innovation.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Students' Union Award for Perseverance

Not every student fits the traditional student ideal. Many are mature students, parents, or attend part-time. This award recognizes exceptional commitment to community and/or campus involvement, while balancing multiple responsibilities and roles.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Subway Community Service Award

As a component of its lease agreement with the Students' Union, each year Subway Sandwiches will provide one thousand dollars ($1000.00) in awards.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Tevie Miller Involvement Award

Established to recognize the outstanding commitment and dedication of the Honorable Associate Chief Justice Tevie H. Miller. Justice Miller was a Students' Union President. Subsequent to convocation, Justice Miller continued his involvement as President of the Alumni Association, and in 1980 was elected as a member of the University Senate. In 1986, Tevie Miller was elected Chancellor of the University of Alberta.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Tom Lancaster Memorial Award

Established to perpetuate the memory of Tom Lancaster, General Manager for the Students' Union from 1989-1991. Tom Lancaster brought stability and warmth to the Students' Union through his concern and care for students.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:

Teapsy Empowerment Award

As a component of its lease agreement with the Students' Union, each year Teapsy will provide a one thousand five hundred dollar ($1500.00) award.
Number of Awards:
Value of Each Award:
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2020.03.24 16:05 Texas1971 Carollaisms

Haven’t updated in awhile, but here’s some “light reading” for everyone while we’re locked in. These just crack me up. Enjoy, stay safe and wash up. 🧼 GETITON

Band Names/Rap Stars

Mitt Romney and the One Percenters (ACS)
ManAyz - Rap star (LL)
D'Bagz - Rap star (LL)
Maxi Pad - An all-girl band that knows how to rock (LL)
Dick Tingle - One of the best blues men in the business (Show?)
Lynette and the Lackeys (ACS)
Straw Hat and the Bowties - Jerry Springer's dixieland band who plays at the Knott's Berry Farm Good Time Theater (ACS)
Gut Fluffer (ACS)
Johnny Beaumont and The Legionnaires - All wear matching powder blue tuxedoes (ACS)
Automatic Vaginismus – Great band name (LL)
Dissuade/D’ Suede - Rappeproducer of Kanye/one of Kim's ex beaus (ACS)
Starchy Deuce - Band that should be produced by D' Suede (ACS)
Narthex - (ACS)
Epileptic Declawed Hamster - That is a helluva punk band right there (ACS)
Loretta Lynch - Country singer who sang "Stand By Your Man" (ACS)
The Areolas - Covered an Eagles song in the ‘90s (ACS)
Fleece and Flannel - One of the best lesbian acoustic duos you will ever see (ACS)
3 Chainz - Rap star (ACS)
Blues Squatter - Adam's dad’s band name (ACS)
Tampon Kayak - One of Seattle's greatest, but least heard of indie bands (ACS)
Jizz Grenade (LL)
Dryer Fire - Hot indie band name (ACS)
Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Prince's backup band (ACS)
Rape Kit - Name of Adam's band from high school (ACS)
Nog Bong - A band Adam was in in high school (ACS)
Bum Blazer – Adam’s band in high school (ACS)
White Trash Kimchi - Another good band name (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
White Noise - Adam's rap name (ADS)
Promethazine - Lil Wayne's sister (ADS)
Light Rail - Great Rap name (ADS)
Danny In The Joint - Good indie band name (ACS)
Anal Cleft - One of the worst reggae singers to leave Jamaica (ACS)
Anal Cleft and the Taints - Great reggae group (ACS)
MEL-ROL - One of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
D'bris - Great Rap name (ACS)
Cisgender - A militant female rapper....for the ladies (ACS)
Krav Maga (1) - Country singing Jew (ACS)
Lynette and Paulette - Sounds like a singing duo from the 60's (RD)
Nuts In The Sink - Name of Ray’s new band (Ray) (AOTH)
SubDude - Pete Holmes' rap name (ACS)
Ray And The Enemas - Blues singer and his backup band (ADS)
Yakov Crutchfield - He has a show in Branson (ADS)
Mac 18 - Adam’s favorite rapper (RD)
Tremble Lean – Adam’s rap name (ACBSL)
Sticker Back – Worst band out of Canada ever (ACS)
Pennywise and Pound Foolish - A band from the ‘90's (RD)
Strawberry Shortcake's Neti Pot - Great band name (Twitter)
Puffy Elon Musk - Worst rapper ever (ACS)
Pantera Club at Laguna Seca (Twitter)
Savage Body Attack - New wave romantic band Ace was in when he was 19 (FBL)
Jumping Jazzy Jews - Jeff Goldblum's jazz band (ACS)
Snore Cherry - Great band name (ACS)
Pat Benatard - Pat Benatar cover band (ACS)
Rancid Nuts - Good band name (ACS)
Gary And The Knotholes - Good band name (AOTH)
Tampon Canoe - Good indie band (ACS)
One Erection - A good boy band (ACS)
Flushin' Dew - A good country duo (ACS)
Armo Jeweler - Great band name (RD)
Radon - (Lynette thinks) there a Whitesnake cover-band (ACS)
The Taste Of Ace - Great band name (ACS)
King Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Concord Grape and the Raisinettes (GS)
Gary Taco - Love that band (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - Good punk band (Gina) (ACS)
Daddy’s Got A Dually – Good country song (ACS)
Dip Curtain - Good indie band (ACS)
Crystal Lobbyists - Sounds like a great techno band (ACS)
Narcissistic Monk -Great indie band (GS)
Sporty Prius - Worst of the Spice Girls (ACS)
Laden and Bravado - 70s duo who opened for Seals n Crofts (ACS)
The Bouncers - great band name (ACS)
Hurry up and make sense (1) - a good talking heads album (ACS)
Appropriate Sombrero - Maxapada’s next band name (Bryan) (ACS)
Flirtatious Contrail - great rap name (GS)
Jack Johnson - Guy from The White Stripes aka The Black Stripes (ACS)
Sophistry - A great Carol King album (ADS)

Song Titles

Meatless Mondays - Horrible Bangles song (Show?)
Measles and Commuter Trains - Worst Christmas song ever (ACS)
White Guys Be Ownin' Everything - Adam's next hit (ACS)
Blood On The Grout - John Cougar Mellencamp song (ACS)
No Blood In The Peckeroo - Good John Cougar song (ACS)
Mellen's Gold - A three disc box set of nothing but John Cougar Mellencamp hits (ACS)
Freaks, Retards and Jews - Not a Cher song (ACS)
Pedophile Cops - Good Cheap Trick song (ACS)
Pig Anus Soup - Favorite Rolling Stones album (Bryan) (ACS)
That Dog Don’t Mess With Olga and Natalia Don’t Spit No Mo’ - Sounds like a Mississippi Delta blues song (Bryan) (ACS)
Goggles Are For Pussies - Trace Adkins' number one hit (ACAFBSL)
Whistle While You Masturbate - The lost Disney song aka "Whistle While You Jerk" (ACS)
12 Pack & Dick's Hard - Name of Adam's new album (Gina) (ACS)
Blood and Soil - A good Smithereens song (ACS)
Pina Colada in Amsterdam - Worst Jimmy Buffet song ever (ACS)
Tough Times In The City - Great Nick Gilder song (ACS)
I've Got A Hamster In My Scrotum And He's Looking For His Keys - That's a good country song (ACS)
Gay Hitler -Great Elvis Costello song (ACS)
Tard On The Tool Shed - Good Mellenamp song (AOTH)
Condo in Redondo - Sublime song (ADS)
Animoji - Band that sung "Obsession" (ACS)
People Who Have Lost People - Worst Barbara Streisand song ever (ACS)
Tilted Heart - Great Tammy Wynette song (ADS)
Yoga wood - Great Beatles song (ACS)
Anal cleft - Song from the Sound of Music (ACS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
I’ve got a Saturday and two friends - great country song (Gina) (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (2) - Title of the next Guns N Roses album (ACS)
Circling Back To Baldwin - Good name for a country song (ACS)
Keistered in Winnipeg - (Bald’s) favorite Willie Nelson song (ACS)
Anal ipecac - Good indie band (ACS)
2 Tits and a Pulse - Ace likes that Beck song (Bryan/Adam) (ACS)

Football Players/Athletes/Teams:

Legs Akimbo - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Feral Katz - Nose Tackle (ACS)
L' Brarian Booker - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Oscar Buzz - Linebacker (ACS)
DeVigorous Lover - Wide Receiver (ACS)
Nadir Zenith - Placekicker (ACS)
DeGluten Free - Offensive Lineman (ACS)
Tangy Mango - Fullback (ACS)
N'Farious Plan - (position?) (ACS)
Modular Holmes - (position?) (ACS)
Fortuitous Bounce - Safety (ACS)
Operatin' Thetan - (ACS) Quarterback for the Washington Redskins (ACS)
Minority Banks - HOF OLB who died tragically in a car wreck shortly after his HOF induction, a natural athlete, he played option QB in college along with being a stand out member of the track team, and in high school he was captain of the basketball team. Survived by his twin brother Majority Banks, who also played in the league, and daughter Recuser Banks who many believe was the best athlete in the family (ACS)
Coach Platitude - "Take a knee son...helmet's not a chair" (ACS)
Glendora Bevmo - Mother of DeVigorous Lover and L' Brarian Booker (different fathers, of course) (ACS)
Marshall Law - (Allison) (ACS)
Orlando Ceeworld - (position?) (ACS)
Du Vatine - (position?) (Show?)
Raja Slate - Super fast wide-out out of Marshall via LSU (AOTH)
Moe Greene - Great corner for the Washington Redskins in the 80’s (ACS)
Bronx Defenders - Sounds like a AAA hockey team (RD)
Medical Error - Slipped in the draft due to a video being released just prior (ACS)
Homeo Stasis (position?) (ACS)
Capybara - The greatest name for a major league skipper (ACS)
Ejaxico Johnson (position?) (ACS)
Radiant Barrier vs. Attic Fan - The worst WWE matchup ever to grace the stage (AOTH)
Bamboo Brick - one of the greatest mixed martial artists on the planet (AOTH)
Dexter Methorphan - He did not participate in the combines, but his coaches say he can run a 4.3 (Twitter)
Bob Jacuzzi - Great point guard for the Celtics aka "THE COOZE" (ACS)
Shame Negation - Picked to leave Clemson early and go very early in the draft this year. (ADS)
Entertainment Crackers - Another name for the Washington Generals ACS
Hardibacker - Good name for an inside backer (ACS)
Osmosis - Black dude. Forward for the Knicks who might or might not have been traded (ADS)
Onus Wilson - NFL draftee (ACS)
World Be Mine - Adam’s new basketball name (ACS)
LBJ - Worst Mexican wrestler name ever (ADS)
Cold stone Steve Austin - Can’t wrestle on hot days. Tag team partners with the Klondike twins (GS)
Cicely Tyson - Greatest Italian boxer of all time. (ADS)

Porn Star Names/Terms/Gay Code:

Spoodini - (LL)
Rocky Stucco - (AOTH)
No Can Doo - Backdoor anal queen of China (ACS)
Kristallnacht - Worst porn star name in the business (ACS)
Madison Avenue (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Hero Du Jour (I am Rappaport Podcast)
Kindle Fire (ACS)
Jackson Hole - Gay porn actor (ACS)
Col. Duke Lacrosse - Adam's porn name (LL)
Duke Circumference - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Rich Data - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Tom Foolery - Gay porn actor (Show?)
Honey Dijon - Great porn star name (Show?)
Aids Machete - One of Adam's gay porn names. "Very short stint, I only did 2 weeks with that name, so it was like 41 movies." (ACS)
Bryce Canyon - Great gay porn name (ACS)
The Italian Coastguard - A gay move. "Let me just start with basic anal, then I'll slide into the Italian Coast Guard." (ACS)
Tetanus Gym - Good gay porn name "Who you working with?" "Tetanus Gym." "Oh boy, make sure you're on top" (ACS)
Shared A Back Fence - gay slang (ACS)
Mea Culpa - Adam's porn name (ACS)
Hand Twins - Gay code (ACS)
Backscatter - Porn technology (PM)
Cajun Tree Climber - Gay code (AOTH)
Snow Blower- Gay code (AOTH)
Stump Grinder - Gay code (AOTH)
Tumbler And Coaster - Adam's gay slang replacement for "top and bottom" (PM)
Go For A Bike Ride - Gay code (ACS)
Artie Fartie - Adam's porn name from the 80's (ACS)
Road Island Ray - Ray's porn name (AOTH)
38KKK -A type of porn that comes out of Kentucky (ACS)
Tech Screw - A dirty website for geeks (ACS)
Bearvalanche - Worst gay move ever (ACS)
Wacked Off Pieces Of Cactus - Gay code for gay rough trade (ACS)
Brad Nail - Good gay porn name (ADS)
Lightning Rod - Good gay porn name for Milo Yiannopplous (ADS)
Milk Barn - Another name for Adam's bathroom sink (ACS)
Meat Thievery - That's just good gay code (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Asian Persuasion - Sounds like a good name for a porn series Asian persuasion 16 (ACS)
Cock Holster - Good movie series, cock holster 14 (ACS)
Celebrity Du Jour - Great porn name (ACS)
Europol - Another great porn name (ACS)
Roy Wood - Adam's gay porn name (ACS)
Tank slapper - Gay slang (Gina) (ACS)
Porch Pirate - Gay term (ACS)
Mad Chuck - The world's worst name for a gay porn star (AOTH)
Sweat lodge - Gay code (ACS)
The L.A. Underground - Sounds like a gay bar (M&J)
Skin and grin - Gay slang (ACS)
Rear Admiral - The name of one of the best bars on west side (ACS)
Loaded for bear - Now a gay term (GS)
Fruit Of The Year - A porn Dave (Dameshek) starred in (ACS)
The Lebanese Comedian - Ace's favorite sex position (ACS)
Cockout - When a gay guy doesn't try very hard (ACS)
Margana Wood - Porn name (ACS)
Hugh Bris - Porn star (RD)
Matte Clear - Fondalier’s gay porn name (AOTH)
Palatial Estates – A good 80’s fake tittie porn name (AOTH)
Cokie Roberts - Great porn name (ACS)
Armenian Christmas - An unspeakable sexual act in prison. "Johnny ratted out the white supremacists to the warden, so they gave him an Armenian Christmas" (Show?)
Ride The Pine - Gay slang (ADS)
Meet Gaze - Gay slang (ACS)
Asshole Rider - Gay slang (ACS)
Cash Widedick - Ace's porn name if you can call an apple a honey crisp. (ACS)
Shanda Lear - Great stripper name (Gina) (ACS)
Fiery Cherry - Good porn name (ACS)
Jerk the wheel - Code for masturbation (ACS)
Giddyup Titties - Gina’s porn name (Gina) (ACS)
French astronaut - Great gay slang (ACS)
Mr Bandera - gay code (ACS)
Beefmato/Clamato - sounds like names of venerial diseases (ACS)
Spanner - Australian gay code (ACS)
Rocky tenure - Adam’s gay porn name (ACS)
The End Game - One of Stormy Daniels movie titles (RD)
Room for cream - Great porno title (Gina) (ACS)
Pedialyte shower - Worst sexual act ever (Sklar) (ACS)
Foot Zunki - Add-on to the Pedialyte shower (ACS)
Self rimming sink - gay slang (AOTH)
Harvey Mudd - gay bar drink where vermouth and bartender shit is mixed in a goblet (ACS)
Barney’s Beanery - ultimate name for a gay bar (ACS)
Parallel park both ways - euphemism for being bi (GS)
The Big Three - Gerago’s junk (RD)
73 - When a fat guy tries to 69 with a chubby prostitute he met at a ham radio convention(ACS)
Backlog - Stormy Daniels movie title (Bryan)(ACS)
Madison Bear - Sounds like an dating app for gay hairy dudes who are married (ACS)
Back pay - Good porn title name (ACS)

Miscellaneous People

Trajectory Hagar - High school kid "heading down the wrong path" in life (ACS)
Slick Mouth - Adam's prison name (ACS)
Rich Carless - Cool homeless guy name (ACS)
Keyless Chuck - Best homeless guy name (ACS)
Nasal Ranger - Worst superhero name ever (Gina) (ACS)
Krav Maga (2) - Good name for a sheriff (ADS)
Hubcap Annie - Horror that hangs out with Keyless Chuck (ACS)
Becky Honkington (Allison) (ACS)
Monica Chugscock - (Pronounced "Shuggscawk") (ADS)
Tyvek DuPont - Best rich guy’s name (AOTH)
Mattress - A Model/actress (ACS)
Hofmeister Kink - Nazi war criminal who's been in hiding in Brazil for the past 61 years. aka Jake Johnson (ACS)
Serpiginous - The world's wimpiest swordsman. Sir Piginous of Wussville (LL)
Chick Fil a - Great play-by-play guy for the Warriors from the 70’s (Show?)
Peri Menopausal - Best P.I. working the Chicago beat (LL)
Whiskey Dick - The neighborhood pedophile in the clown outfit (ACS)
Surge - Guy that drives for ÜBER (ACS)
Babbling Brook - Great name for a female cattle auctioneer (PM)
Terra Firma - Name of the "woman of color" that heckled Adam at a Ventura live show and was removed by force (The Ranker Podcast)
Octomom - Great Batman villain (Bryan) (ACS)
Larry The Cabinet Guy - Failed Israeli comic…"Don't get 'er done!" (ACS)
Rod Blagojevich - Joe Francis' slimy brother who sells above ground pools out of a primered van (ACS)
Cockchug Man - The gay superhero in The Village People that wears just all leather (ACS)
MEL-ROL- She's one of The Spice Girls (AOTH)
Hand Farts - A new comedian Adam had never heard of (ACS)
Juan Jeremy - The greatest international film star ever (ACS)
Bitchathane Jackson - Good name for a "sista" (ACS)
Tobar - Perfect caveman name (ACS)
Vroman - A fast moving Roman (ACS)
Korn Syrup and Fructose - Women of color who work at the strip club with Jade (stage 4) (ACS)
Fred Meyer - Lucy's neighbor (ACS)
Kimchi - The Asian flutist (ACS)
Pacoima - The mechanic from Taxi (ACS)
Dick Salt - NATO Alliance General (ACS)
Dick Salt (2) - Manger of the Mariners in the early 70’s (Bryan) (ACS)
Caramel And Fudge - Two more African-American prostitutes that lived in the apartment above Adam’s (ACS)
Peaches - The whore that lived upstairs (ACS)
F. Me Bailey - Greatest lawyer of all time (RD)
Agua Caliente - Loves that guy. He does a great John Madden (ACS)
Senior Penis - One the most dangerous drug lords to ever work (ADS)
Shill Du'Jour - Good Bond secretary name (RD)
Brexit Romero - Sounds like an International assassin (ACS)
Lugansk - That gay diver who hit his head and gave the whole Canadian team AIDS (ACS)
Leak O'rama - A Dutch action star, starred in “Sudden Death” (AOTH)
Vaginismus - Great black guy name (ADS)
Normcore - Guy that owns Westwood one (ACS)
LaTolstoy - Great black guy name (ACS)
Shapiro – Artist who is really good at anime. Died in the 60’s but was a real trendsetter (ACS)
Chuck Spears – Good name for a racist. “Hey you workin’ with Chuck Spears over at the Klan?” (ACS)
Norethindrone - DAG’s Sister (CLL)
La Tuskegee - Black airline pilot (ACS)
C-clamps – Nickname for Adam’s step-mom. “Ol’ C-clamps locked me out of the house again.” (ACS)
Harry Nilsson - (Gary thinks) he does the voices on The Simpsons (ADS)
Nutella - Great name for a crazy black woman (ACS)
Sia - The perfect person to break up with. Would be perfect if she was dating Jack (hit the road Jack) (ACS)
The Ball Catcher - What Adam used to call Ray's ass in junior high (ACFBSL)
MOAB - Matt's new nickname (Mother of All Buttholes) (AONTH)
Trip Reeb - Great name for a white guy (ACS)
Merle Horn - One of the greatest best ropers to ever come down the Pecos (ACS)
The Boring Machine - Lynette's name for Adam (ACS)
Avocado Hand - The nickname of Eric Clapton's brother (Chet) who works at a Mexican place and is charge of the guacamole (ACS)
Bagel Hand - Clapton's Jewish cousin (ACS)
Fa-Sheeya (fascia) - A heavy set woman of color that works at the DMV (ACAFBSL)
Ghrelin - New AM/PM mascot (ACS)
Krav Maga (3) - An Israeli Captain from 1946 (ACS)
Cuban Boa - Sounds like a dark skinned trannie (ACS)
Gabardine - She's a very chatty woman of color middle-aged and she'll talk your ear off. (ACS)
Guy Dudebro - Greatest name ever (AOTH)
Otto Warmbier- Simultaneously the greatest and worst beer master brewer name ever (ACS)
Leif Geragos - Greatest rocking attorney ever Viking rocker attorney (ACS)
Ernest J. Bigot - "I'm just asking....I'm just wanna know...." (ACS)
Panzanella - Cobra's full name (ACS)
Sheet Metal Nibbler - Great name for Matt the porcelain punisher (AOTH)
Big Grenadine - Sounds like a large black neighbor (ACS)
Silent gym - Next to Keyless Chuck, best homeless guy name ever (ACS)
Nuchilla - Sounds like a black vampire (Theo Von) (ACS)
D' poleon - Black Napoleon (ACS)
Luke Rockhold - Sounds like a character on The Flintstones (GS)
Sissy squat - She was hot (AOTH)
Beulah - The town horror (RD)
Ronan Farrow - One of the best wheel men in Europe (ACS)
Duke Bagg - Comedian Ian Bagg's brother (ACS)
Root Ball Grinder - A horrible term for a bitchy wife (Ruth Ballgrinder and Harriet Mulcher) (Tim Allen) (ACS)
Paul Funyun - Just a big dude who likes to have fun. Has a pink ox as a sidekick (ACS)
Page/Savage - A great lawyer team (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Ivar the Boneless - Ace’s dad’s nickname in high school. aka Jim the spineless (ACS)
Bash Worthy - Comic strip's character name/title (ACS)
Uncle Tom-bién - Mexican Uncle Tom (ACS)
Alist Poon - An Indian exchange student who has cerebral palsy (ACS)
Indignant Asswipes - Good name for an improv troupe (Gina) (ACS)
Flora in Fauna - two black chicks that work for him (ADS)
Cheap - Name of a he/she that literally went under sexual assignment surgery last month (ACS)
Heroin (1)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) A character in Lord Of The Rings (Bryan) (ACS)
Yersinia pestis - Ace did Celebrity Apprentice with that dude. He won that year (ADS)
Morgue Mode - Sounds like a guy from Iceland who is a DJ (ACS)
Rachel Bias - Great stripper name (ACS)
Buzz Ramjet - Aviation attorney (ACS)
Black Cherry - Stripper name Bryan (ACS)
Saffron - Sassy black woman in Meg Whitman movie (ACS)
Vibranium - a new black kid name from Black Panther (ACS)
Bird Nerd - Marvel superhero (ACS)
Merch Galore - Worst Bond secretary ever. Total sellout. Always wearing her own swag (GS)
Bathroom Goalie - New code for fat chicks sitting next to you on an airplane (ACS)
Skip Loader -Kurt Loder’s older brother (ACS)
F. Me Money - greatest attorney rapper ever (RD)

Morning Zoos/DJ's/Radio Stations

Gum and Condoms - (Show?)
Dusty Labia - Adam's handle when he used to do AM Mornings. (ACS)
Asscrack and Backsack in the morning with Sludge (LL)
Crockpots and Headphones (ACS)
Booger and Floor Wax (ACS)
Almonds and Water (ACS)
Cold Butter And Calves (ADS)
Schluter And The Drain - Schluter has a thick Austrian accent , while "The Drain" has a super low voice (AOTH)
Ace Rockolla - Just Google "Ace Rockolla Lightning round...." (LL)
Fungus and Mold (Show?)
Stupid and Petty (Show?)
Eunice and Edgar - Bubba the Love Sponge's parents (ACS)
Flip Flops and Fanny Packs (ACS)
Hairy Shin - Does a KCRE show in the weekends (ACS)
Deep Bra Grooves - Should be a Sirius XM station Channel 248, C+ and above! (ACS)
Andy and Opie - Great Radio Show (ACS)
QuietRock - Sounds like an easy listening rock station (AOTH)
Quiet Crush - A good easy listening radio station (ACS)
The Tool Box - SiriusXM took tune station aka KTOL (ACS)
Ray's Enema Antics - New podcast on Carolla Digital (Bryan)(ACS)
Doug Gets Blown While He Eats Pudding - Doug Benson's next podcast (ACS)
Cat Packer - Used to do mornings with her brother, Fudge (ACS)
Duke and Shinola - good morning show team (ACS)
Mother Trucker - Adam’s Podcast with caller Miguel (AOTH)


Boobville - (LL)
Pedoph Isle aka Pedophile Island - Island where are all the pedophiles are sent to live. (Also a TV show/movie idea) (LL)
Lil' Lord Fauntleroy’s Academy for Albino Hemophiliacs - Drew's childhood school (LL)
Doesntexistizcan - Where presidential candidate Platitude's grandfather was from (ACS)
Boga Raton - The world's worst resort spot (Show?)
Meat Yard - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Mister Fister's - Adam's all-time top name for a gay bar (ACS)
Sub-Par - Worst name for a submarine sandwich shop (Show?)
Queen Mary - Great name for a tranny bar (ACS)
NuvaRing - A German racetrack. "The new Nissan GTR turned it in 7:21, faster than the Corvette." (Show?)
Louis Pasteur Middle School (ACS)
Helm’s Deep - World's first gay bar bakery (ACS)
Kal Penn - One of the best sounding names to get an engineering degree from (ACS)
Alaska State Motto - Love fishing but I hate your kids? Alaska! (PM)
Duke University - John Wayne's college (ACS)
Planned Possumhood - Planned Parenthood in Arkansas (ACS)
Fruit Stand - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
Poo Poo City - Where Charles Fletcher Loomis' house is located (ACS)
Blood Bank - Great name for a check cashing place in the hood (ACS)
Bass Manor - Great name for a gay bar (ACS)
The Dead C - Sounds like the worst name for a lesbian bar ever (ACS)
Wood Bar - Good name for a gay bar (ACS)
Ghost Load - Ride at Calico Ghost Town (ADS)
Nasacort - Country club for Jewish folks where they play tennis at (ADS)
L.A. HOTT (1) - An 80's bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Fairy Wings - Good name for a bar on the west side (ACS)
Second Hand/First World - Store that sells rich whitey’s high end stuff (ACS)
The Lance Hunter - Perfect name for a gay bar (Dumb People Town)
Pervert Park - Theo Vaughn grew up there (ACS)
Big Sur - Great name for a big and tall shop (Show?)
Studio Centric - Sounds like a Utopia. Between Valley Village and Sherman Oaks (AOTH)
Asstard - Thor came from that planet (ACS)
Grand Entrance - Great name for a gay bar (AOTH)
Thermopolis - Where the Bun Boy is (ACS)
The Turkish Embassy - Gay bar (ACS)
Low Tide - Gay code for boner in the rear view mirror (ACS)
Corumption - On the way to Vegas, where Heidi Fleiss lives with her macaws (ACS)
C.C. Fichens - Sounds like a pretzel stand (Gina) (ACS)
Timpani Barn - where to get timpani to go, has three big Mexicans in the kitchen (ACS)
Heroin (2)(Pronounced Ehr-o-win by JCVD) The health food store in Venice (ACS)
Pocket Passers - Next to Mister Fister’s (Gina) (ACS)
The Mexican Faire - Worst fair ever (ACS)
Hanoi Hospice - Only place worse than the Hanoi Hilton (ACS)
Kaleblazer- Gay juice bar (ACS)
Hot Dog Cannon - good name for a bar next to The Abbey (ACS)
Dyskeratosis - where Vinnie lives, lots of Greek folks, a family oriented community (ACS)
Kind of, Italy - Where Ace’s family is from. Where he gets his kinky hair. (ADS)


Cleaning The Pink Turtle - Bryan's name for pleasuring oneself (ACS)
Analingus - A new type of breath mint (LL)
The Milk Of Arthritic Goats - A rabbi's curse: "May you suckle at the teet of the milk of arthritic goat!!!" (ACS)
Carbon Dating - A black dating website (ACS)
RU486 - Vanity plate for a guy who runs an abortion clinic (ADS)
Jet Green - Amsterdam's Airlines (ACS)
Stromer, Oldhafer and Carolla - World's worst law firm (AOTH)
Ira Carolla - Sounds like an affliction "Oh my Ira Carolla's acting up" (ACS)
Sawjay - Sounds word for sausage. "I was strokin' this dude’s sawjay" (ACS)
Smokeless Cigarette - Name for Dr. Drew's honker after his prostate surgery (ADS)
El Niño - Name of "Sinn" strip club DJ's cock (ACS)
Blue Man - Crazy hairdresser's macaw who doesn't judge (PM)
Lucia - An Italian moped (ACS)
American Jewish World Service - A van that's begging to be shot at (ACS)
E-aye? - Canadian version of EBay (ACS)
Sweatpants Lesbian - What Adam would be. An in-between lesbian. Not a lipstick lesbian, not a butch dyke (ACS)
SuckStrong - Bill Clinton's bracelet (ACS)
Gaybus - Gay and bogus (ACS)
Flappy Bird - The most offensive name for the vagina (ACS)
G8 (Summit) - The Pontiac that Oprah gave away on her show (ACS)
Oracle A The Delphi - Big new startup company (ADS)
Crewkakke - A type of sweater (ACS)
The Flying Dutchman - Great name for an Amsterdam airlines (ACS)
Cleaning My Chain - Euphemism for beating off (ACS)
Awesome Town - A gathering of three or more polar bears (ACS)
Avocado - The Greek word for nut sack (ACS)
Doucherette - A gum/patch that douchebags chew/use (ACS)
Urban Milling -Black guys standing around (AOTH)
Synesthesia - When you eat your own hair (ACS)
Tuck Rule - When a guy pretends he's a chick and stands in front of the mirror (ACS)
My #2 Pencil Is Out Of Lead - Another term for erectile dysfunction (ACS)
Float A Bond - When a politician farts (RD)
Vaginismus - black people's holiday, accompanied with a lot of ceremonial garb (ADS)
Vaseline and Gauze - Elizabeth Taylor's new scent (ACS)
Jewber - A drunk on a 10-speed (ACS)
Chickpea - What Gina does when we camp (ACS)
Oscar Squad (2) - Bad gay code (ACS)
Airbus - Worst name for an aircraft. Sounds like “air donkey” (AOTH)
Shailene Woodley - Sounds like the most fantastical verb/adverb combo. “I want to Shailene Woodley through a field of poppies with you” (Gina) (Twitter)
Asshole Rider (2) - Worst piece of exercise equipment Vinnie’s ever endorsed (ACS)
Diario La Prensa - Stealer of the jersey in Spanish (ACS)
The Sicilian Fly Swatter - Sounds like a WWF move (Gina) (ACS)
Jellyfish - Sounds like something your grandpa would buy for you at the mall (ACS)
Fruit Fly - More politically correct term for fag hag (Show?)
Jewgling - When a Jew "Googles" their symptoms (ACS)
Tavares - David Wild's boner medicine (ACS)
Jew -Over - A mulligan from a barmitzva. "Uh, I misread that...can I get a Jew-over?" (ACS)
Ossified - That's a Don King word, there (ACS)
Zero for Cecil - Worst charity ever (Bald Bryan) (ACS)
A++ - A bra that Gina will never see (ACS)
Joycelyn - A good name for Curly from the Three Stooges to say (ACS)
Phallisee - Latin for "to see the penis" (ADS)
Coffee Nap - Euphemism for pooping in your pants (ACS)
USS Monitor - Doesn't sound like a ship of war, sounds like a night nurse (ACS)
Dotard - A skirt a man wears (ACS)
Wilding- Something derogatory that takes place in public pools in certain counties (ACS)
Caveat - Latin for shitting on Adam's point (ADS)
Festiva - Sounds like a boner medicine (ACS)
Depeche Mode - French for “who dealt it?” (ADS)
Beefy Clutch – The purse Gina thought Lady Gaga took to the Emmy’s (ACS)
Sig Sauer - Something you would yell at Oktoberfest before downing a stiff stein of stout (ACS)
Jeans day – Sounds like the special day for your special need son Gene, to raise money (ACS)
Wilding - What takes place in public pools in certain counties (GS)
4F - Can’t/won’t be eligible for the draft (ACS)
Groupie - a kind of fish (ACS)
The African chick - Horrible name for a boat (ACS)
Inclusion rider - Snowboard for retarded kids (ACS)
The Urethra - Bad name for a car (ACS)
Mercury retrograde - when you take your index finger and shove it under your sack before you blow, and you belch it up later (ACS)
UEFA - Transsexuals playing soccer with a balled up maxi pad (GS)
Missed Connections- The worst airline ever (ACS)
Carollo - Sounds like a Tool you’d use rarely (ACS)
Brembo - that Mexican food company that makes that bread (Matt) (ACS)
Preemptive gay strike - Worst video game ever (ADS)
Futon - Chinese for bear trap (ACS)
Sexual Battery - Batteries especially made for sexual devices. Somewhere between AA and C (ACS)


Deer Bits - A venison cereal. Made of frosted deer flakes (Show?)
Coco Chanel - Nestlé’s newest coffee flavor (ACS)
Honey Dicks - Best cereal name ever (ACS)
Dawson's Beard - A pudding flavor Ace saw at Whole Foods (ACS)
Mighty Mutts - Worst breakfast cereal ever (ADS)
Chillax - A cinnamon based drink from "Hector's" country (ACS)
Black Dick - An English desert (ACS)
Tardy Digression - Sounds like a finger food..."would you like another tardy digression?" "No, I'm saving room for the main meal" (IFYWABC)
Double Bird Strike - Mixed drink created by Ace and Teresa. Made with Grey Goose, Wild Turkey, a splash of Canadian Club, and a splash of Hudson River water (ACS)
GAYtorade - A sports drink for gay people, because they lose essential body fluids (ACS)
University of Illinois At Urbana Champaign - Sounds like a carbonated drink for black people (ACS)
Flinch Fuck - Part of a nutritious breakfast, and a healthy relationship (ADS)
Phantom Punch - Something Bill Cosby gave his lady friends (ACS)
Pansy Sauce - Goes good with some shrimp (ADS)
Tilted Pillar - Kick ass IPA (AOTH)
Shaver - A good name for a miniature pastrami sandwich (Cousin Sal Show)
GPA - Something they add to children's cereal (ACS)
Stellwell's - A new low fat snack cracker (ACS)
Conchata Ferrell - A great cheese/unwanted cat (ACS)
Poopwell's - One of the worst snacks Nabisco has ever put their name on (ACS)
Belldini – Latest Taco Bell offering (ACS)
Fuzzy Zoeller – Zima with a jigger of peach schnapps (ACS)
Millennial Malaise - A sweet honey dipping sauce (ADS)
Jelani Cobb - Sounds like an Indian dish (Gina) (ACS)
Air Doodle - The very worst Super Bowl snack on the planet (ACS)
Faygala - Jewish sports drink (ACS)
Stroke Cane - Sounds like some sugary treat, mixed with a reach around (ACS)
The Silence Breakers (2) - good name for a mint (ACS)
Lesbian Squirt - Sponsor of the Dinah Shore Classic (ACS)
Son of Goose - Worst vodka ever. Comes in a plastic squeeze bottle (ACS)
Orange Hitler - Worst Hi-C flavor ever (ACS)

TV Shows/Movies

Cunt du' Jour - A great Bond villain name (ACS)
Coffee and Donuts - (Charlie Coffee III and Johnny Donetti) Johnny's a tough street wise cop whose jive talking and plays by his own rules and Charlie's super uptight (LL)
Pedoph Isle (aka) Pedophile Island - All pedophiles are sent to live on an isolated island, and a 747 full of Boy Scouts crash lands there and they have to fight to survive (Also a place) (ACS)
Anus and Eyeball - Buddy cop TV show duo (ACS)
Pussy Pioneer - John Candy's last movie (ACS)
Red Velvet - Made up movie character Clown played by Paul Giamatti. "Was secret service, and someone died on his watch. Now he's takin to clownin'." Wears a red velvet clown outfit. (ACS)
Destination Of The Semen - (Adam Ray) A movie Harrison Ford passed on twice (ACS)
Gay Eye - Movie where Adam plays Buddy McKlan, a racist homophobic mechanic who is blinded in a freak hot transmission fluid accident. He gets the donor eyes from a gay guy who perished on a moped accident in Antigua. Co-starring Larry the Cable Guy as his best friend. (Co-written by Bryan Cranston) (ACS)
Grinders - Sitcom where Jon Gruden moves in with Johnny Manziel (ACS)
Squishy Red River - Movie that started John Wayne (Show?)
Gusset And Cable - Perfect Cop buddy duo team (AOTH)
Just One Of The Gays - Stars Shia LaBeouf (ACS)
Hard Impact - Sounds like a Van Damme movie from the 90's (ACS)
Hammer Pants And Ice - Worst cop detective duo from the 80's (ACS)
Living With The Kilowatts - Adam's new animated series where they just leave toaster ovens on all day (ACS)
Keep Calm And Rape A Lot - Worst Monty Python film ever (ACS)
Medical Mishaps - New show Dave Coulier and Tawny Kitaen could host (ACS)
Roaming With Bison - Another great Bill Murray movie (ACS)
Gainesville Florida Financial Planner - Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit (ACS)
Blame the Bee Gees - Adam's next documentary (ACS)
Adam Knees Your Dad In The Nuts - Adam's new game show (ACS)
Navigeddon - Terrorists take over all of the GPS systems of cars, and send them careening into the Grand Canyon (ACS)
Rings Of Honor - Terrorists take over Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs, and the athletes have to use their individual skills to escape. (Cameo by Randy Couture as the salty old coach) (ACS)
Endless Time/Ample Time For Backup - Adam's new Netflix series (ACS)
Tarred n' Feathered - Buddy flick starring a retarded guy and an Indian chief (Show?)
Mr. Will Doo And Can Doo - PSA Motivational cartoon bathroom characters Will Doo (Played by Will Arnette) and Can Doo is shaped like a toilet. Filmed in kitschy Clutch Cargo style animation (ADS)
Robot Lawyer - Great Phil Hartman bit (ACS)
Umpire News Network - Adam's channel with umpires reporting. Unbiased reporting (ACS)
Sofa Tard - New CW show coming soon (Matt) (AOTH)
Junior Fantasy Island - Show where kids of reckless parents are shipped off to live with Bill Cosby and Felicia Rashad (ADS)
2 And A Half Denali's - Hasn't been same since Sheen left (ACS)
So Kanye - Sitcom from the 90's (ACS)
Ridicuopothy - Sounds like a Mike Judge movie (ADS)
Master Buck - One of John Candy's most controversial movies (ACS)
LA HOTT (1) - An 80’s bar with an outdoor door seating area (ACS)
Mother Hitler - Coming to TNT. Starring Patrick Swayze's bother, Don (ACS)
Sink and Bounce - Movie about roller boogie from the 80's, starred Lil' Bow Wow (ACS)
The Debs - A made up CW network show where you just put all the hot chicks in Hollywood (ACS)
The Origin Story Of AIDS - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan)(ACS)
Everybody Hates Vinnie - Horrible sitcom (ACS)
Chick Clan - Good movie title (ACS)
Condo in Redondo - Best movie I ever did (ADS)
Red Lobsteria - New show Dr. Drew was talking about where African Americans form their own country (ACS)
Earthquake rehab - Reality show Dr. drew seismic expert and a civil engineer come together (Rainn Wilson) (ACS)
Rooster Jones - Great John Wayne movie. Super Fly meets True Grit (ACS)
Ernest Bigot goes to..... (ACS)
Nickels On The Job - First and only Jewish gum shoe on the job. ABC, Friday nights, 10:00 p.m. (ADS)
Solicitor General - Great Danny Kaye movie (RD)
Disjointed - Lorena Bobbitt biopic (ADS)
Habib and Company - Horrible children's show (MS)
Bobby's Room - Howie Mandel animated project from the 90's (ACS)
Page/Savage - Great cop duo show from the ‘80’s (Adam Ray) (ACS)
Paper Asshole - Great Tatum O’Neal film (ACS)
L.A. HOTT (2) - Failed Steven Bochco series pilot (ACS)
Pieces Of String Too Small To Use - Lena Dunham film from the late 90’s (ACS)
Oscar Squad - New Marvel Movie (Gina) (ACS)
Cortron/Melamine - Transformers (Gina) (ACS)
Anoscope - Worst way to see a movie (ADS)
Practical Rapist - New SNL character (Gina) (ACS)
Superfoot - Worst Marvel movie ever (Bryan) (ACS)
Celebrity Food Chain - Would be a great show (Jeff Cesario) (ACS)
Backsack and Anus - Worst cop duo ever (RS)
Korean moyle - ABC’s next sitcom (Jeff) ACS
Nanny Huntin ‘with Ted Nugent - Great reality show I’d watch (ACS)
Progressive pope - New sitcom (Gina) ACS
Nick Mancuso: Construction Fluffer - New TV Show (AONT)
Rush Blitzer - Adam’s character from his movie, “Snapper” (BSR)
The Baldwin’s and Beyond -Great reality show (RD)
The Rogue Deuce - The next Star Wars movie (ADS)
Mr. Goodbar To The Rescue - Ace loves that movie (ACS)
Wrestling Squatters - New show on YouTube Red starring Eric Stromer (AOTH)

Books/Coffee Table Books

Dade County Black Prom, 1985 (ACS)
Here Are The Pajamas We Picture You In (ACS)
Three Shitty Homes, One Washing Machine, Zero Dryers - Title of Adam's new book (Ray) (AOTH)
Chapstick And Batteries - Title of Adam's next bestselling book (ACS)
Who The Fuck Put Their Sombrero on My Keys? – Title of Adam’s next book (ACS)
Cunt With A Grunt - Adam's favorite Dr. Seuss book (PM)
You'll Never See A Cockroach Jog (PM)
Kemo Skinny Calves - Adam's new children's book (ADS)
You're Dyslexic And I'm Dumb - Adam and John Popper's collaborative next book (ACS)
I Get It If You’re GWAR - Adam's next book (ACS)
Bulk Magazine - Costco magazine that Jimmy Kimmell graced the cover of twice (ACS)
Do You Have To Take Your Top Off To Dye Your Pubes, Drew? (LL)
Glamping With Moriah - Adam's new book (ACS)
From The Mouths of Babes (Hot Chicks Not Babies) (ACS)
(The) Sweet Spot - Adam's next book (Bryan) (ACS)
I Thought Things Would Be Better When I Was Rich (ACS)
Radio Station Kitchen (ACS)
Post-it Notes In Radio Station Kitchens (ACS)
Comedy Club Green Rooms And The Sofas That Were Not Made For Them (ACS)
Jethro, the Mexican Jew - A great children's book (Gina) (ACS)
Professor and the Construction Worker -The worst children's book ever (ACS)
Willie and the Weed - Good name for a children's book (ACS)
What Black People Think White People Complain About (ACS)
Everyone Eventually Becomes The Man (ACS)
Recipe for Misery (1) - Name Of Adam’s next book (ACS)
In Defense Of Black Face - Adam’s next book (ACS)
Hurry Up And Make Sense (2) - Biography title of the Talking Heads (ACS)

Native American Names

Chief Thunderbear (LL)
Dances With Cocks (ACS)
Dances With Lipstick (ACS)
Ol' Urethra Windows (ACS)
Oxnard - Indian name meaning the balls of a bull (ACS)

V/P Names

Absorbent Rag - Good name for T's V (ACS)
Hurt Locker - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Judge's Mansion - Another name for T's G - Another name for T's V (ACS)
City of Industry - Another name for T's V (ACS)
Dutch Mook - Another name for T's V (ACS)s V
No Safe Spaces - Great name for T's V (ACS)
Hobo Stove - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Sausage Grinder - Another name for A's V (ACS)
Dixville Notch - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Snake River Canyon - Another name for G's V (ACS)
Dakota Access Pipeline - Another name for G's V (ACS)
The Holidome - Another name for G’s V (ACS)
Discovery Bay - Great name for G's V (ACS)
B.O. Box - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Sea bag - Good name for G's V (ACS)
El Portal - Great name for G's V (ACS)
Harry Belafonte - Adam's name for his junk, if he were a woman (Show?)
Top Gear - Another name for Adam’s junk (ACS)
El Gordo/King Taco - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
Port of Karachi - Good name for G’s V (ACS)
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2020.03.13 19:05 HueGoStrangee My Friday Mock Draft(w/ explanations)

First things first I hope you all are being safe out here! I got the day off from work and have some time to go through a quick mock draft for the sub and would love feedback from everyone.
Note: this will include trades based upon my own thoughts, potential FA signings, and team needs based upon visiting each sub. (Trades will not include extra picks specified because tbh, I haven’t thought that far yet lol). hope to nail it but if I failed your team tell me why in the comments and let’s discuss! Ok here we go...
  1. Bengals- Joe Burrow- I know I said explanations, but, cmon
  2. Redskins- Chase Young- Ron Rivera here just confirms this for me. Time to build a monster of a defense
  3. Lions- Jeffrey Okudah- My first Hangup. Stay put or trade back? Well Miami I think doesn’t want to lose those picks they accumulated. And LAC, I think if Miami stays put they’re likely to as well, content with whoever drops to them because it will be either Tua or Herbert. Also, slay will get traded at some point and they can use whatever picks they get in that trade. They stay out and take the best CB prospect since Ramsey.
  4. Giants- Jedrick Wills- How hard it was to pass on Simmons here. But protecting Daniel Jones NEEDS to be a priority. Wills is my favorite OT in the class.
  5. Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa- Who they wanted fell to them anyway. This is why they stayed put. Now keep adding to this team with those 2 extra firsts.
  6. Chargers- Justin Herbert- I like Herbert. I really really like Herbert. And I think with a year to likely sit I think I’ll love him, and so will you Chargers fans.
  7. Panthers- Isaiah Simmons- Luke being gone leaves a hole in the middle that Simmons will NOT replace. Luke was special. But Simmons and Shaq flying around is what wet dreams are made of. Carolina runs to the podium.
  8. Cardinals- CeeDee Lamb- How fun is this team gonna be? Larry is winding down and it’s time for a new #1. Who better than a guy Kyler already knows? CD TD! Expect to hear a lot of that
  9. Jaguars- Javon Kinlaw- Reach? Maybe to you but not to me. Let me explain. A frame built to rush the passer. A physical freak who hasn’t even touched the surface to what he can be. Kinlaw and Allen should be terrifying for YEARS.
  10. Browns- Andrew Thomas. There might be some that may be better (Wills) or more physical freaks(Becton) but the most ready to come and start for your team imo is Andrew Thomas. Some mocks have him falling outside the top 10 which I think is absurd. The Browns make this pick with zero haste.
  11. Jets- Tristan Wirfs- A need. But also a guy who can play multiple positions on the line. That versatility is sweet. And something about Iowa lineman just works.
  12. Raiders- Jerry Jeudy- A true #1 RB in Josh Jacobs. A star on the rise in Waller at TE, and a great mind at HC in Chucky. Add Jeudy to this mix and the Raiders are going to put up points. Carr’s career in Vegas likely depends on it.
  13. Colts- Jordan Love- Is there a QB with a higher ceiling than Love? Quick release, can make plays off script, huge arm. And unlike what Colts fans saw last season, will take chances. I like Reichs chances to unleashing the potential.
  14. Buccaneers- Mekhi Becton- Jamies I think comes back on a short term deal to prove himself ONE LAST time. The only thing besides the running game you could MAYBE complain about with Tampa’s offense was the line. Becton needs work, sure, but my god is the ceiling high. Tampa takes the chance.
  15. Broncos- Derrick Brown- A slide to 15 even shocked me. That’s how good I think he is. It was Ruggs or Brown here and I went Brown. Here’s why: I like Ruggs, but not more than Brown...end. Denver already has a #1 in Sutton and I believe they can find speed and complements to him in the later rounds, they have a huge amount of picks to maneuver with. But can you imagine a defense with Derrick brown wreaking havoc on the interior and opening lanes for Chubb and Von??? AFC west beware
  16. Eagles(Trade up with Atlanta)- Henry Ruggs- If the draft played out this way, if Denver passed on Ruggs the Philly war room would be jumping over themselves trying to move up. They find a partner with ATL. Wentz put up great numbers with an average (maybe even below)supporting cast last year. Imagine what he’ll do with this speed demon.
  17. Cowboys- Grant Delpit- Still my favorite safety of the draft and one of my favorites in the last few years. Dallas finally snags an ignored position.
  18. Miami Dolphins- Klavon Chaisson- A player who can rush and has the speed to cover. That type of versatility is needed on Miami’s defense. With Flores I believe he reaches full potential.
  19. Raiders- Kenneth Murray- Fierce, competitive, plays with fire. Reports are LV sees this too. The Raiders need this on their defense, along with his speed in the worst way.
  20. Jaguars- CJ Henderson- Oh no a Gator! Can we judge his play? Sticky in coverage. Fluid and is the second best behind Okudah. Henderson and Kinlaw would be quite a step to turning this defense into what it was not too long ago.
  21. Falcons- Yetur Gross Matos- The ceiling is the roof? Or is it higher? I’m going with the latter. A prototype of a DE who with his long arms and burst can wreak havoc in a Dan Quinn style 4-3
  22. Bills- Tee Higgins- A prototype of a classic #1 WR. A guy who can make circus catches and catch whatever that’s thrown his way. Also would be a great bailout for Josh Allen.
  23. Patriots- Xavier McKinney- As a Pats fan I expect this to be traded. But if not this is where they go. The safeties are getting older and they will inevitably slow down. A versatile weapon on the defense like McKinney would be an early Christmas gift to Belichick.
  24. Ravens- AJ Epenesa(Trade with NO)- the second best defensive player had quite a slide with teams not sure how he fits but in a defense like the Ravens that’s versatile and a team that will cater to elite talents ( looking at you Lamar Jackson) Baltimore trades up to add to a pass rush in need of help.
  25. Vikings- Neville Gallimore- Sleeper alert. Played more nose at OU than I would like but he has insane burst for a man his size. Also a nice array of moves. Could have went maybe o line or corner but both those positions are deeper than the IDL and I think Gallimore is a potential game changer.
  26. Dolphins- Austin Jackson- The QB of the future has been picked. Now he needs protection. Austin Jackson ranks at the top for me for olineman outside of the big 4.
  27. Seahawks- Cesar Ruiz- Versatile, good technique and plays fierce. Exactly what Russell Wilson needs. This pick could potentially allow the ‘Hawks to move on from Britt and continue to add to their pass rush in FA.
  28. Saints- Kristian Fulton- A defense focused on man to man gets a CB who excels in it
  29. Titans- Josh Jones- I think Conklin gets paid way out of Tennessee price range and he leaves. Pass Rush would be the next need but I think Tennessee looks to FA or the trade market to get a contributor who’s can help now. The o line is the most important piece to a team like Tennessee as they are led by Derrick Henry. Jones is a high upside athletic OT who can help keep Tannehill(I think he gets brought back) upright
  30. Packers- Justin Jefferson- LB was the first choice but I have GB signing Littleton in FA. Jefferson is a technician. A savvy route runner who can separate, make contested catches and is consistently open. A godsend he would be to the Pack.
  31. Buccaneers(Trade w/ SF). Jacob Eason- The Niners don’t pick again til the 5th round. They’re going to be liking to trade back. Tampa is a good option. You know how we mentioned Jameis is on a short leash? His potential successor is here. An Arians QB through and through. Tall, big arm, and throws with anticipation. I like the pick here.
  32. Chiefs- Trevon Diggs- A converted CB from WR, Diggs has plus ball skills with prototype size at the position to match with good athleticism. The chiefs are in a position where it seems most of their SB winning secondary is not under contract. For a team that will soon be tight on the cap, cheap talented players will be needed. Diggs fits the bill with the upside of a true #1 CB.
submitted by HueGoStrangee to NFL_Draft [link] [comments]

2020.02.13 06:01 whirlpool4 Events for Thu 2/13 - Sun 2/16

it's that time, boys and girls. hope you're able to find something grand to do for Valentine's Day as well.
** All weekend *\*
Valentine's/Anniversary Weekend; Boxi Park Lake Nona
Thursday, Feb 13 -- Lati-2 (Latin Night) 6:30 p.m.
Friday, Feb 14 -- SoundUp 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, Feb 15 --Adam & Beav 1 p.m. -- The Naked Cupcake Truck 6 p.m. -- Chasing Amy 6:30 p.m.
Sunday, February 16 -- Claire Vandiver 1 p.m. -- The Sunday Vibe 5 p.m.
** Thu 2/13 *\*
3p - 8p: Pre-Valentine's Day Market; Orlando Brewing, 1301 Atlanta Ave, Orlando, Florida 32806; Our Pre-Valentine's Day Market is a great place to get your last minute gift for that special someone, or a great excuse for a date on a Thursday! We have an excellent list of vendors, food, and live music for you to enjoy as you peruse the various booths. Each purchase from a vendor will get you $2 off a beer and entry in a raffle for the chance to win a date night at the brewery! Shop, drink, eat, and support local.
5p - 10p: Treat Yourself S'mores Night; The Thirsty Topher, 601 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803; Wondermade's amazing Marshmallows are featured in our Treat Yourself S'mores Pairing. We will have a variety of s'mores combos and a paired suggestion. Hang out while we fire up your decadent sandwich!! This event is first come, first serve and ends when supplies run out!
5:30p - 7:30p: For the Love of Dogs; Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi, 7972 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, Florida 32819; We're starting the Valentine's Day celebration early and inviting all dog lovers out to the patio for a dog-friendly celebration! Leash up your four-legged furry friends and come sample our new doggo's only patio menu with three signature dog-safe items to choose from. Whether your best-friend chooses the Chicken & Rice, the Fish Scramble, or the poochie favorite—Bangers and Mash, we guarantee your pup will love his or her treat. But, this party isn't just about food, it's also to benefit a great cause—The Pug Rescue of Florida. In addition to our donation of $1 from every doggy dish served, our fantastic sponsoring partners will be providing even more incentives to help raise money for the Pug Rescue.
> Our good friends from Woof Gang Bakery will be on hand passing out doggie goodie bags with complimentary treats and grooming supplies*
> Elizabeth Ashlea Pet Portraits will be on-site with an instaworthy background perfect for pics to let your pup make all the boys and girls in the yard jealous of their jet-set night out on the town
> The Pug Rescue of Florida will be on hand to raffle out various gifts and prizes, and they're setting up their world-renowned Pug Kissing booth, so don't miss your chance to kiss a pug for charity!
You're probably already making plans to join us, but just in case we wanted you to know...we're taking care of the humans too! For every doggy dish purchased, our friends at Kirin want to gift you a complimentary Kirin Draft. We can all toast to that!
6p - 9p: 8th Annual Galentine's Day Celebration!; Redlight Redlight, 2810 Corrine Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803; Galentine's Day is only one of the best days of the year! What a treat that this February 13th will be our eighth year celebrating! C'mon out and bring all of your best ladies and celebrate with us! Festivities begin at 6pm. DRINK: Enjoy $2 off glasses of wine & champagne for you to cheers the wonderful women in your life. EATS: Savories by the lovely Chef Jes Tantalo. Sweets by Buttermilk Bakery and Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream. SHOP: Treat yo'self and your best gals to local loveliness all while supporting some of our favorite female business owners in Orlando! Hey gents, this is also an opportunity for you to snag gifts for your ladies with a beer in hand, just in time for Valentine's Day! What is Galentine's Day? Basically, it's like Valentine's Day, only instead of celebrating the love you have for your significant other, you spend it with your best girlfriends, who are, after all, your soul mates, and therefore deserve a holiday all to themselves, too. Where to Park: There is lots of available parking at the Audubon Park school directly behind us! There is a walkway that will lead you to our back entrance.
6p - 9p: Galentine's Day; B Nice Orlando, 151 East Washington Street, Orlando, Florida 32801; What's Galentine's Day? It's only the best day of the year! Ladies, join us at B Nice Orlando for an evening that's all about celebrating your best friendships! There will be light bites, libations, pop-up shops and more! Need more incentive? A portion of the proceeds will help support the 10th Annual Wine Women and Shoes Orlando, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida's largest fundraiser of the year. More information and tickets can be found at
6p - 10p: Galentine's & Valentine's Day Dessert & Beer Pairing; RockPit Brewing, 10 W Illiana St, Orlando, Florida 32806; What happens when we team up with world-class Chef, Chef Bob Aungst, to have him whip up some desserts for our Valentine's Day Dessert Pairing? You end up a with world-class dessert and beer pairing you won't find anywhere else this Valentine's Day. Starting off with "Ball & Strikes" a "beerbon" ball made and paired with our Imperial Gold Strike Golden Stout. A Golden Stout aged with Coconut, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee. We then move on to Black Velvet, a raspberry black forest cake paired with Velvet Whispers our Raspberry & Chocolate Berliner. Finally, we end the pairing with "PROOF's in the PUDDING". A bread pudding made with our Blackstrap Con Leche stout, paired with a very special version of our Blackstrap Con Leche aged with Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee beans. Three very unique desserts paired with three very unique beers. This pairing is self-directed. Meaning you'll enjoy the pairing and focus on each other, the beer and the desserts. You don't need us bothering you while you enjoy this.
6p - 11p: 2nd Annual Galentine's Day Celebration!; Castle Church Brewing, 6820 Hoffner Ave., Orlando, Florida 32822; -Register for our Beer and Chocolate tasting at 7PM with Chris in the Lounge. Only $15 per person (Beer included)! Email [email protected] to RSVP...only 25 seats available! -Ladies get BOGO drafts all night long -There will be sushi specials out back fpr the whole weekend starting this night
6p - 12a: Galentine's Day; The Cloak & Blaster, 875 Woodbury Rd, Ste 108, Orlando, Florida 32828; "What's Galentine's Day? Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just kick it ... Ladies celebrating ladies." - Leslie Knope, personal hero (Parks and Recreation) It's time for our fifth annual Galentine's Day when we get together to celebrate the wonderful ladies in our lives! So join us with your gal pals and treat yourself to a special menu, cocktails, and treats for all Galentine's reserved parties. (Complimentary Galentine reservations are now available through our website,, with your requested time and party size. Please indicate GALENTINE'S DAY in the notes.)
6:30p - 7:30p: Valentine's Couples Class - Introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Orlando Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 28 W Michigan St, Orlando, Florida 32806; For a different kind of date night, bring in your significant other for a lighthearted lesson into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Your favorite OBJJ couple, Tito and Shivani, will be teaching some partner drills and introductory techniques. Don’t worry you will only have to partner with the person you came with. Stay after for some sweet treats too! This class is open to the community and best of all, FREE! No experience required. This class is specifically for beginners. Normal workout attire will do.
7p: I Choose You Beer Pairing Event!; Player 1 Video Game Bar, 8562 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, Florida 32836; I Choose You Valentines Candy and Beer pairing. 10 Beers (3oz each), 10 Candies. $20 Per person Or $35.00 For Two! (*\* please see event page for more info **)
7p - 9p: Galentine's Day Party presented by The Kitty Beautiful; The Kitty Beautiful: A Cat Cafe - Downtown Orlando, 360 State Lane, Orlando, Florida 32801; "What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst." - Leslie Knope. So, we may not have frittatas, but we've got the three next best things, wine, chocolate and cats! Join us at The Kitty Beautiful for a celebration of the things that make life worth living, and make it even more special by doing that with your friends.
For just $25, you get:
* A wonderful selection of chocolate delicacies baked just for us by Jess of Batter Designs Bakery. White chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate ganache, salted caramel and dark chocolate with sea salt, and chocolate covered strawberries are going to be available, and perhaps some other surprises!
* What's chocolate without wine? Enjoy a wine for each selection selected by Russell Trahan, former Sommelier of Club 33 in Disneyland. A sparkling white wine, a buttery chardonnay, a fruity pinor noir, perhaps even a tasty'll see what Russell has selected for you and he'll be there to explain why.
* And of course, you get to play with up to a dozen free roaming cats in our cat area for up to two hours. Play board games, sketch a cat, or just relax and enjoy the kitty cuddles.
We'll also have the rest of our menu available, in case you wanted a latte, kombucha, grilled cheese, avocado toast, or anything else we offer.
Reservations can be made now at -- we have limited space so don't wait too long!
7p - 9p: Charity Bingo - The Barber Fund; Hamburger Mary Orlando, 110 W Church St, Orlando, Florida 32801; We have a very special night planned as we work to raise money for The Barber Fund, an amazing local charity that assists those battling cancer by paying for living expenses so they can concentrate on healing. Trixie Deluxxe hosts the evening, so expect a lot of fun, laughs, and prizes too. Seating at 7pm, with Bingo starting at 7:30pm. Reserve your table at 321-319-0600
7p - 9p: Galentine's Day Paint Night; GB's Bottle Shop and Tasting Bar, 531 Virginia Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803; Celebrate Valentine's Eve with a laid back paint night, hosted by Pop-Up Picassos. We're painting a plant still life on canvas. Cost is $20/ painter, or $25 includes bottomless mimosas (paying tribute to Leslie's fave meal-- breakfast). Also included, a waffle snack. Yum! Please sign up in advance, either at the Shop or with Pop-Up Picassos (link below).
** Fri 2/14 *\*
3p - 12a: Sideward VDAY Dessert & Beer Pairings; Sideward Brewing Co., 210 N Bumby, Orlando, Florida 32803; Bring your date by for a night cap - we're offering a couple special house made dessert items with accompanying pours of specialty beers.
4p - 12a: Valentine's Day AXE THROWING; Axe On Axe Off - Axe Throwing Venue, 1355 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809; Are you looking for something fun to do with your Valentine this Valentine's Day?? Are you Single and want to let out some aggression or possibly meet someone new??? Well Axe throwing is the perfect activity to do on Valentine's day for both couples or singles!!! Come check out Orlando's largest and highest rated Axe throwing venue Axe On Axe Off! We are conveniently located directly across from the Florida Mall! Our Valentine's Day Special is 2 people throw for 1 hour for just $45!! Must redeem by registering on our website and use the coupon code: V_Dayaxe20 (offer not valid for Walk-ins)
5:30p - 8:30p: Valentine's Day Sunset Paddle; Lake Life Paddle, Belle Isle; Tired of the usual over-priced Valentine's Day dinner with the long wait? Looking for a fun Valentine's Day Adventure that's outside the box? Come join us for a gorgeous sunset paddle session on Lake Conway. No experience? No problem. You can learn a new skill together or you can choose to kayak. You will paddle through a Cypress Tree lined canal out to middle Lake Conway. The historic Nela Bridge is our destination where you'll watch the sun go down and the sky turn colors as the evening sets in. We'll provide a light snack of chocolate covered strawberries on the water and our guides will have beer, wine and water to share. 5:30 to 7:00 pm After paddling back to our home location, we'll sit and enjoy a bonfire by the canal. Tiki torches will line the water and we'll have music playing. Dinner will be provided by Mama Mia's Pizza, some of the best pizza in South Orlando. Each couple will receive a complimentary bottle of champagne. Every paddler receives a Valentine's day Rose 7:00 to 8:30.
$50 Valentine's Day Adventure Includes: -Rental of Paddleboard or Kayak and all equipment -Lesson and guided tour with instructors -2 Slices of New York Style Mama Mia's Pizza -1 bottle of complimentary champagne per couple -One Red Rose (*\* please see event page for more info **)
6p - 12a: Galentine's & Valentine's Day Dessert & Beer Pairing; RockPit Brewing, 10 W Illiana St, Orlando, Florida 32806; What happens when we team up with world-class Chef, Chef Bob Aungst, to have him whip up some desserts for our Valentine's Day Dessert Pairing? You end up a with world-class dessert and beer pairing you won't find anywhere else this Valentine's Day. Starting off with "Ball & Strikes" a "beerbon" ball made and paired with our Imperial Gold Strike Golden Stout. A Golden Stout aged with Coconut, Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee. We then move on to Black Velvet, a raspberry black forest cake paired with Velvet Whispers our Raspberry & Chocolate Berliner. Finally, we end the pairing with "PROOF's in the PUDDING". A bread pudding made with our Blackstrap Con Leche stout, paired with a very special version of our Blackstrap Con Leche aged with Chef Bob's Bourbon Barrel Aged coffee beans. Three very unique desserts paired with three very unique beers. This pairing is self-directed. Meaning you'll enjoy the pairing and focus on each other, the beer and the desserts. You don't need us bothering you while you enjoy this.
6p - 2a: Valentine's Day Pajama Party; The Cloak & Blaster, 875 Woodbury Rd, Ste 108, Orlando, Florida 32828; It's Valentine's Day, and per tradition, we're celebrating romance (or your loathing of it) with comfortable pajamas, all-night cartoons, and brunch-inspired specials! We've incorporated some of our favorite breakfast items into the menu for the night, and we're offering a casual, laid-back twist on Valentine's Day - perfect for couples or anyone simply looking for something to do on another random Friday. Reservations are recommended for large groups / private dates to guarantee space. Please head to our website at to book your complimentary table.
6:30p - 10p: Valentines Day Movie Night at The Nook; The Nook on Robinson, 2432 E. Robinson St, Orlando, Florida 32803; Free Movie Fridays presents: 90s Rom Com Double Feature. Films will be screened in our back lot! Seating will begin at 6:30 pm
7pm: Never Been Kissed (Drew Barrymore is a babyfaced journalist looking to make her big break happen. So she goes undercover as a student in high school. Things get complicated when she starts to fall for her high school teacher though. I guess there were no ethical issues with age of consent in 1999.)
8:30pm: 10 Things I Hate About You (An adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, Julia Stiles plays Kat. She is smart and abrassive, and since this is still a 90s comedy, that means she doesn’t really attract the boys. Through a series of hilarious events Kat is put into a position where she needs to decide if she will date the effortlessly charming new guy, Patrick (played by a young Heath Ledger). What will she do!? Will she let her guard down long enough to find true high school love?)
Bring chairs as seating will be limited. Food from Gringos Locos, Iron Cow, Badass Sandwich, or anywhere you'd like is welcome! Outside drinks are not. Beer, Wine, Hard Seltzer, Cider, and Non alcoholic beverages available inside The Nook. No cover // 21+. A Valentine's day dance will begin immediately after screenings.
7p - 9p: Modern Love: Pitch-Your-Friend; Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company, 1300 Alden Road, Orlando, Florida 32803; If you're looking for love — or just trying to help/laugh with a romantically frustrated friend — come join Pulptown and Ivanhoe Park Brewing for our hilarious new dating show, Modern Love: Pitch-Your-Friend. First things first, we'll "break the ice" with a new can release from Ivanhoe Park Brewing. (More info on that coming soon!) Then we'll invite locals to "pitch" a single friend of theirs to the crowd. They'll give a five-minute presentation on why their friend makes for a perfect date, then hand the show over to the audience for a quick Q&A before the single friend is sent back into the wild to a sea of prospective suitors. 😍 Do you have that friend who can't seem to find the love they deserve? Put them up on the dating block and submit an application here ( to tell us why they are so great! Submissions will be accepted through February 7th. Looking for a date, or just a laugh? Grab a ticket and come join the fun. This event is open to people of all gender and sexual identities looking for love.
7p - 9p: Valentine's Day Beer Dinner; Orlando Brewing, 1301 Atlanta Ave, Orlando, Florida 32806; Get your tickets now for our very exclusive Valentine's Day Beer Dinner in the brewery! For $35 per person you will get a pre-fixed 3 course menu with options for the main course. The Menu is as follows: Garden Salad - a mix of romaine lettuce & spring mix topped with carrots, cucumber & tomatoes. Served with ranch dressing. Your choice of Salmon or NY strip steak sitting on a bed of asparagus spears and served with a side of fingerling potatoes. Lemon Panna Cotta - a creamy citrus panna cotta topped with mixed berries coated in a honey grand marnier gastrique. After dinner ends there will, as always, be live music outside in our beer garden. Enjoy a night under the stars with your special someone.
7p - 10p: Valentine's Concert; Harry P. Leu Gardens, 1920 N Forest Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803; Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Leu Gardens! A special Valentine’s Concert on Friday, February 14, 2020 from 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. featuring: Dave Capp Project, Slickwood, Mud Rooster Blues. Pack dinner picnic full of your favorite foods and drink, alcohol is permitted, and bring seating, either chairs or blanket for this amazing outdoor concert (click for Event Map). Advance Tickets on sale Wednesday, January 29, 2020 – online only. Advance tickets can only be purchased online. Sales tax and online fees apply. Tickets are available until sold out. Advance Admission: $15 per person (*\* please see event page for more info **)
7p - 11p: Kill Cupid Party at DLBC; Dead Lizard Brewing Company, 4507 36th St, Orlando, Florida 32811; Single this Valentine's Day? Don't want to celebrate the hallmark love holiday? Come to Dead Lizard, we will be your Anti-Valentine's Day Dates! Buy a fellow anti-love day patron a beer and get your beer on the house! Single? We want to show you some craft beer love! Get BOGO FREE Crowler fills
7p - 2a: Rawr: A Anti V-Day Emo party; Player 1 Video Game Bar, 8562 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, Florida 32836; Drink Specials!! bleeding heart - tyku black sake with sprite and grenadine sinker. box of chocolates shot- geken sake and chocolate syrup. emo music all night! bring out the black and pink and heavy eyeliner for this one night event!
8p - 12a: V-Day Vampire Ball in VAULT 5421!; VAULT 5421, 5421 International Dr, Orlando, Florida 32819; Valentine's Day SUCKS, so join us February 14th, for a Vampire Ball in VAULT 5421! FREE EVENT! Vampire movies & shows such as Only Lovers Left Alive, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview with a Vampire, Lost Boys, Castlevania, What We Do In The Shadows, etc playing on our big screens... Try our limited, special blood bag cocktails! Enjoy dark tunes and Cosplay Cage-Dancing by Jacqueline Obsidian! Come in fancy vampire attire to receive 1 FREE SHOT or soda, with your first bar purchase! (Just mention your attire, when you're placing your order at the bar, for your FREE shot or soda.) Everyone dressed for the theme will also receive a 15% OFF storewide!* (20% for our Loyalty VIPs) Come early and enjoy our Happy Hours from 5pm-8pm featuring 20% OFF all drinks, including our themed drink SPECIALS and 100+ bottle selection of mostly craft and import beers, ciders, meads, sakes and wines! (Please note our store Gods & Monsters is All-Ages friendly, but our bar VAULT 5421 is 18+ to enter and 21+ with valid ID to purchase alcoholic beverages.)
8p - 2a: Black Heart Social Club // No. 3; Will's Pub, 1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, Florida 32803; BLACK HEART SOCIAL CLUB: A Night of Emotional Music. The Black Heart Social Club returns for its third year in a tribute to the saddest songs ever written. Featuring string backed performances of sad pop perfection from Mike Dunn & Co. and a rotating cast of Orlando's favorite voices. Jordan Foley + Luke Wagner + Rachel Decker + Jeni Valtinson + Joshua Jacobs + Mary Hannah Light Butler + Matthew Tonner + Elizabeth Ward and more! With a special EMO COVERS set from Cat Ridgeway / Cat Ridgeway & the Tourists. Valentines Day is for LO_ERS. Come fill in the blank.
10p - 1a: Valentine's Day 80's Prom; Tin Roof Orlando, 8371 International Dr, Ste 100, Orlando, Florida 32819; Party like it's 1989 at Tin Roof for our Valentine's Day Prom feat. the Leonard Brothers Band! Come dressed in your best 80's prom attire!
10p - 2a: Valentines Day Sadie Hawkins Dance; The Nook on Robinson, 2432 E. Robinson St, Orlando, Florida 32803; Sock Hop and Swing are back for another Sadie Hawkins Dance!! Machine Gun Kristin (+ Jeffrey Howard) Returns for an All Vinyl 50/60s era sock hop and swing. Only this time it's Ladies Choice! Come dressed to impress because there will be a free photobooth out back to take couple or stag photos. Come show us your best moves as you hear some of the best the era has to offer! 21+ No Cover
** Sat 2/15 *\*
8a - 10a: 7th Annual Quack Attack on Poverty 5k; Harbor Park at Lake Baldwin, 4990 New Broad St, Orlando, Florida 32814; We're excited to announce Quack Attack 2020 is open for registration! Join our flock at and waddle your way through a USATF certified 3.1 mile course featuring a bubble, squirt gun, and quack zone. Registration includes a split ring duck float, t-shirt, and participant medal. #JoinTheDuckSide
9a - 10a: Post Valentine's Day Bootcamp and Beer!; Bootcamp and Beer, 1236 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32804; By popular request, we will be doing a bootcamp and beer on Saturday, February 15th at 9 am! More information on the sponsors to come! As usually we will all be heading over to the Hammered Lamb afterwards for food and beer! Ten dollars gets you an hour long workout and a beer!
9:30a - 11a: Puppy Love Paddle & Brunch; Lake Ivanhoe Boat Dock, Orlando, Florida 32804; Show some Valentine's Day love to your best friend with a fun morning on the water and dog friendly brunch afterward. Learn a great new sport with your best friend. No experience is necessary to try this. We have a very calm, friendly way of introducing your dog (and you) to paddling together. Don’t have a dog? That’s ok, come enjoy the day with us.
$30 event fee includes: -All equipment for you and your dog (board, paddle, safety vest). -Lesson and guided tour around Lake Ivanhoe, multiple instructors will make sure you and your dog enjoy your time on the water safely. -Photos of you and your doggo on the water together.
Please use your best judgment. If your dog doesn’t play well with others, you are welcome to schedule a private puppy paddle session. Have your own board or kayak? The event is free. You are welcome to join in the lesson for your pup, tips for your instructor are much appreciated. Stay for an awesome brunch at The Hammered Lamb, a dog friendly restaurant. Have you tried their Bloody Mary Bar? It's the best one in Orlando.
12p: Valentine’s Day Workout; Blue Jacket Park, 2501 General Reese Ave, Orlando, Florida 32814; Come out for our mid month meetup!!! This time we will be doing partner exercises for Valentine’s Day!! As usual kids are welcomed and be ready to work! And no you don’t need to bring a partner in order to workout!!!
12p - 4p: Cupid's Undie Run — Orlando; Elixir Orlando, 9 W Washington St, Orlando, Florida 32801; This February, be part of something great. Cupid’s Undie Run is a “brief” fun run that takes place in the middle of a BIG party. That’s right: party, run (a mile-ish, at your own pace), party – all to find a cure to neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that affects 1 in every 3,000 children born. We encourage undies, but we get that it’s not for everyone, maybe costumes are more your style? So whether you start a team with your friends, join a team, or run solo, just come out, have a blast, and raise some money for NF research!
12p - 5p: 2020 Indie-Folkfest at the Mennello; Mennello Museum of American Art, 900 E Princeton St, Orlando, Florida 32803; The sixth annual Indie-Folkfest at The Mennello Museum of American Art takes place Saturday February 15th from 12 -5. This FREE outdoor festival is our way of celebrating this amazing community in the Valentine's Day spirit, gathering together to support our phenomenal local culinary, musical, and artistic talents. Located in the museum’s sculpture garden, this event is a free family friendly and pet-friendly way to enjoy the arts of Orlando while raising funds to keep programs like this and our Free Family Fundays engaging and inclusive! (*\* please see event page for more info **)
12p - 6p: Booze and Boards Second February Gathering; Redlight Redlight, 2810 Corrine Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803; GAAAAAAAMES, wanna play some? Redlight Redlight calls to us with it's fantastic tables and space, tasty beverages of many kinds, and super nice staff. Let's get together and play games and enjoy the company of other humans beings :D Don't forget to bring games to play of course, or if you want to play a thing that you don't have, make sure to talk about it, and I'm sure one of us will say "Hey! I've got that one, I'll bring it with!" Then they'll forget and we'll all be sad, it'll be great. (*\* please see event page for more info **)
12:30p - 10p: 25th Annual Valencia Film Celebration; Valencia College East Campus, 701 N Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, Florida 32825; Each year Valencia College’s nationally recognized and acclaimed Film Program, host an amazing event that showcases some of Valencia’s finest feature films, as well as short films made possible in part by our own film students! The event also serves as a fundraiser for the current Film Students' short film productions! There will be a special even for Alumni at 5 pm! This is an event you don't want to miss! Come out and support the brilliant minds of the future!!!
** Sun 2/16 *\*
11a - 5p: First Annual Charity Flag Football Game; Gordon Barnett Park, Orlando, Florida 32808; Come out and support Michael Hearts Academy as we raise money for the first annual summer camp for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities. All donations and proceeds will go directly to Michael Hearts Academy.
2p - 5p: Marching Forward Screening; Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E Central Blvd, Orlando, Florida 32801; In honor of Black History Month Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings and the Orange County Regional History Center proudly present a special showing of the award-winning UCF film “Marching Forward.” The recent winner of the Atman Award for Diversity in Film, “Marching Forward” deals with race relations in Orlando during the 1960s and how a love for music united the bands of two high schools: Jones and Edgewater. The film is the fourth that associate professor of history Robert Cassanello and associate professor of film Lisa Mills have made in the past decade along with students in their honors class at the University of Central Florida. It spotlights the efforts of two dedicated band directors — James Wilson of Jones High School and Delbert Kieffner of Edgewater — who were inspired by music to cross color lines in the days of Jim Crow in Florida. This is a free event. Parking is available at the Library Garage, 112 E. Central Blvd.
8p -7a: Low Dough All Night Skate; Astro Skate Orlando, 866 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, Florida 32822; Sunday, February 16, 8:00pm - 7:00am, $9.99 (skates extra) The biggest all night skate of the year!
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2020.02.04 21:21 tehawesomedragon This Week in Comics #6 - FEB 5, 2020 - X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR #1, MARAUDERS #7, ANT-MAN #1, DAREDEVIL #17, DOCTOR DOOM #5, SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES #15, IMMORTAL HULK: GREAT POWER #1



  1. X-MEN #5
  3. THOR #2




December Character of the Month: Iceman
2019 Character of the Year: Moira MacTaggert (full RMA results)
February COTM Results Coming Soon!




(W) Zeb Wells (A) Dylan Burnett
Scott Lang is back and doing better than ever! Er, at least according to him, but his daughter, Stinger, and the anthill he’s living in say otherwise. Desperate to raise his daughter’s opinion of him, Scott takes a job from local beekeepers only to uncover a global conspiracy that could topple the world order! No time to call the Avengers, this sounds like a job for – ANT-MAN?! Join the explosive creative team of Zeb Wells (NOVA) and Dylan Burnett (X-FORCE, COSMIC GHOST RIDER) as they take Ant-Man to all-new heights in this epic adventure!


(W) Jed MacKay (A) Kris Anka
Felicia has gotten into some trouble in New York. Some may call it “inciting a war” but we aren’t here to mince words. What’s a girl to do? GO TO MADRIPOOR! That’s right, the Black Cat and her crew go to Madripoor to steal the next object on their list. No problem, just another artifact that is in the private collection of someone named - where’d I put that note - oh, here. Someone named “Patch.” Uh-oh. Patch is Wolverine. BLACK CAT IS STEALING FROM WOLVERINE?! All this and guest-artist KRIS ANKA (UNCANNY X-MEN, RUNAWAYS) is joining the book for two issues!


(W) Erik Larsen (A) Erik Larsen
THE FINAL CAPTAIN AMERICA STORY! Steve Rogers fights for survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by hordes of Red Skulls! Legendary writeartist Erik Larsen (SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE, NOVA) returns to Marvel for an oversized last tale of Simon & Kirby’s American Hero!


(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Luke Ross
A DEADLY QUEST AND A DARING HEIST - IN THE AGE OF MARVELS! CONAN wanders the desert, and as he reaches the city, no Stygian temple nor Vendyhan fortress greets him. No, something far stranger: the lights of fabulous Las Vegas! Conan is far from home, and it’s time for him to tread the thrones of the Marvel Universe under his sandaled feet! The City of Sin is just the beginning for Conan’s solo jaunt by Eisner award-winner Saladin Ahmed (BLACK BOLT, MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN) and Luke Ross (STAR WARS: ALLEGIANCE, SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN), as the barbarian finds himself on a quest for a relic that predates even his Hyborian Age: the Serpent Crown of Atlantis! But will his battle for this crown earn Conan his own kingdom, or doom him to a nefarious trap set forth by MEPHISTO? Featuring a wide array of Marvel heroes and villains, this is an adventure you can’t afford to miss!


(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Jorge Fornes
TARGET: DAREDEVIL! The war in Hell’s Kitchen builds as Owl takes his stab at Wilson Fisk, formerly the Kingpin of Crime – now Mayor of New York!


(W) Becky Cloonan (A) Luca Pizzari
HER FIRST SOLO COMIC SERIES! Forced into an arranged marriage, Agnes de Chastillon took matters into her own violent hands to free herself from the yoke of a life she never wanted. Now, the woman known as DARK AGNES, along with her mercenary partner ETIENNE VILLIERS, make their way through 16th century France as sellswords on their way to join the wars in Italy, where the real money is! But when Etienne is captured by the DUKE OF ALENCON’s forces and set for execution, it’s up to Dark Agnes to save the day! But what evil designs are being enacted on Agnes, and will she doom herself by saving Etienne? An all-new story following up Robert E. Howard’s tales, the swashbuckling saga of DARK AGNES in Marvel Comics starts here!


(W) Christopher Cantwell (A) Salvador Larroca
As Victorious and Silver Sable hunt for Doctor Doom in New York, he grows more obsessed with a vision of saving the entire world. He’ll track down the woman he’s seen as his future wife, but struggle to rectify the man he is with the man he thinks he’ll become. At an emotional peak, Doom is ambushed by the Blue Marvel, just as Victorious and Sable join the fray, along with Symkarian conspirators out to usurp Doom’s reign. After an epic battle, a battered Doom grows hell-bent on finding a weapon that will restore him to power.


(W) Tom Taylor (A) Jorge Molina
THE HULK FINDS A NEW HOST: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! When Bruce Banner wakes up in the middle of the night without the Hulk, he thinks he’s finally free. But the Hulk is immortal — and the night’s not over yet. If you thought he was dangerous in the body of mild-mannered Bruce Banner, wait till you see him now. Peter Parker is a man with the proportional strength and agility of a spider, capable of lifting trains on his bad days. And he’s about to get a big, green power-up — with a temper to match.


(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Minkyu Jung
When Ms. Marvel’s newest nemesis goes after one of her old ones, Kamala will have to choose between saving her enemy - and saving her father.


(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Stefano Caselli
THE TREASURE OF ISLAND M! As Verendi’s plans against Krakoa grow, the Marauders find themselves missing something vital - something that brings Storm and the White Queen to blows. Artist Stefano Caselli (AVENGERS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) joins the crew of the craziest X-series of them al!


(W) Jim Zub (A) Ariel Olivetti
HULK STARS IN THE SMASHING PREQUEL TO THE UPCOMING VIDEO GAME, MARVEL’S AVENGERS! The adventure leading to MARVEL’S AVENGERS rages on, with an all-new story leading directly into the events of the highly anticipated video game! As the incredible HULK, the monstrous alter ego of scientist BRUCE BANNER, he’s done good for the world. But with the virtually uncontrollable, gigantic green rage monster always bubbling under his skin, Banner has teamed up with an inquisitive scientist in an attempt to regulate the beast once and for all. As their experiments go deeper, a catastrophic event may spell the end for more than just Banner’s curse! Witness crucial incidents and intrigue in the saga tied to the earthshaking events in the MARVEL’S AVENGERS game next year!


(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Javier Garron
INVASION AT BROOKLYN VISIONS! Miles’ journal has gone missing--you know, the one where he wrote his private thoughts about BEING SPIDER-MAN!!! And it’s fallen into enemy hands! Does that have something to do with Miles’ high school under siege by the most monstrous goons he’s faced since CARNAGE? You’re about to see more of Brooklyn Visions than ever--but is it for the last time?


(W) Chris Claremont, Gerry Duggan (A) John Romita, Greg Smallwood
The looming threat of Kulan Gath reunites Dr. Strange and Magik on Krakoa. The fate of the world will rest in what they discover. Re-presenting a pair of classics, UNCANNY X-MEN 190 & 191 by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr, in the context of a great new sequence illustrated by the impeccable Greg Smallwood.


(W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Gurihiru
“VENOM IS A GREAT ROOMMATE AND FRIEND!” – Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Venom must finally work together to fix their situation - one that Venom TOTALLY didn’t get them into in the first place. YOU CAN’T PROVE IT WAS HIM!


(W) Christos Gage (A) Juan Ferreyra
SPIDER-MAN NOIR, DEAD NO MOIR?! Miles continues his journey to save the web of life and comes face to face with Spider-Man Noir! But, wait - isn’t he dead?!


(W) Tini Howard (A) Jacopo Camagni
MOONSTRUCK MONSTROSITY! Ghost’s secretive ally is revealed — Moonstone, a.k.a. the psychotic psych Karla Sofen! But what does a manipulator of minds want with a hospital full of the dead and dying — and can this divisive team keep off the edge of death themselves?


(W) Amy Chu, Greg Pak (A) Ario Anindito
DEMONS AT THE GATE! SWORD MASTER and JI SHUANGSHUANG prepare to face the demon hordes of CHIYOU, THE GOD OF WAR. But how can they fight an overwhelming, supernatural army when they can’t seem to trust each other? And what is the horrible family secret that threatens to bring Chiyou back to destroy the world?


(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Terry Dodson
KRAKOA. Every mutant on Earth lives there - except for one. But now it’s time for FRANKLIN RICHARDS to come home. It’s the X-MEN VS. the FANTASTIC FOUR and nothing will ever be the same.


(W) Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson (A) John Mccrea
News of the Herald’s Urn has gotten out and Yondu and his descendent from the 31st century, Yondu, find themselves in everyone’s crosshairs! In desperation, they initiate a Hail Mary to keep the urn out of the wrong hands - to catastrophic results. As the smoke clears and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance, only one Yondu will be left standing, and the galaxy will never be the same again after this stunning series conclusion!





3. ANT-MAN #1



1/29 - X-MEN #5
1/1 - THOR #1


What Marvel character do you relate to in the weirdest way?


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2019.12.11 03:08 iForerunner 180 Days Free and Clean - Thank GOD!

No pornography whatsoever. No peeking. No touching. No masturbation. HARD MODE. For SIX MONTHS! Mindblowing. Absolutely incredible, thank GOD!
Earlier this year, I was a complete PMO zombie. Struggling to escape pornography was an understatement. After falling from my highest ever streak of 58 days on hard mode; a streak which took me 12 years of trying to obtain, I was severely depressed. I threw out all the positive habits that led me to that streak and returned to binging on TV shows, movies, junk food and most of all, pornography. I was unemployed, overweight, unhappy with my life and it was an immense struggle to get a 14-day streak going again.
Looking back on how much my life has changed since June is unbelievable. And I KNOW without a doubt that the same is possible for you too. I pray that this story resonates with you and helps you achieve success in your journey.

A Cautionary Tale

I was over the moon with joy after passing 90 days. I didn’t stop to think clearly about life after achieving that milestone. One dear friend and companion of mine had warned me not to get complacent and that he knew plenty of people who had relapsed at or around the 100-day mark. The book Power over Pornography had cautioned me as well. I didn’t know how real the danger was until I had to battle the strongest urges I’d ever faced on day 95 of my streak.
That day I slipped — big TIME. At the time, I felt bad enough that I wanted to reset and start again. I wish I could take it back, but at the same time, it helped me learn much more about what it takes to stay free and clean, and just how much I didn’t want to return to Day Zero. I’ll walk you through what happened so you can learn from it and not repeat the same mistake.
It started with me browsing online for a new book to read about pornography to understand the addiction better. I downloaded one and started reading it, but it sounded like it was in support of pornography, so I didn’t think it was safe to read. I deleted it. But now thoughts were in my mind - ‘Is it that bad? I didn’t see anything triggering, let me at least browse through it and see if it’s safe.’ I didn’t deal with those thoughts, and hours later, I redownloaded it.
Huge mistake.
The book was definitely in favour of pornography, and it had images of pornstars. I deleted it straight away after seeing the first picture, but now it was stuck in my head. I hadn’t seen anything for over three months, so it was majorly triggering. I went through my PC and checked to see if I had any other unsafe books, and I did, which I promptly deleted. I felt good about not going any further and turning things around.
But I neglected the tasks I had set for the day and instead proceeded to browse 9GAG looking for funny memes to take my mind away from the triggers. I laughed a few times and started getting into a good mood again, but then I found myself hovering over NSFW memes, debating whether to click on them. I decided to close the page and go to YouTube. ‘YouTube’s safe, right?’
I went there and browsed for NNN meme clips. One of the recommended videos was about catching golddiggers - the YouTuber pretends to be poor or unattractive and tries to ask out a girl, and when she says no, he returns in a Lambo and calls her a golddigger when she agrees the second time. The thumbnail had a beautiful girl. I clicked on it, watched it, then watched a few more. The new recommendation, kissing prank videos - the YouTuber plays pranks on girls to get them to kiss him, like asking them a trick question or rigging a magic trick. I hesitated again. In the pornographic videos I used to watch, the kissing scenes were the most ‘pleasurable’ to me, I was trying to meet my need for love and affection through them. Still, I clicked on it and watched it. Sure as clockwork, those feelings of massive arousal started bubbling up again. I could feel my body preparing for a furious masturbation session and a quick release as we had done in the past. I closed YouTube; no way I was going to let that happen. I asked myself, ‘How was I getting this worked up without even watching pornography?’ I’d watched similar YouTube videos dozens of times in the past without even a tingle.
No more YouTube. I said, let me watch a movie on Netflix and calm down. But the movie I chose was one that I’d already identified would have triggering scenes to me, and I’d discussed it with my accountability partner previously. I got 10 minutes in, before I’d seen anything, and remembered ‘I was supposed to notify my AP before watching this!’ That’s when everything I’d done throughout the day came flooding back to me. I would have to report the slip to him. Was I going to report a slip or a full-blown relapse? That’s when I logged into the forum again. I started reading through my old posts where I’d been advising others. Why wasn’t I following my advice? I re-read my 90-day success story. No way I was going to come back 5 days later and report a relapse. ‘I can’t write this again! This is a once-in-a-lifetime story!’ No more backsliding. A slip IS a relapse from now on. A counter reset, climbing back from Day Zero again, and facing all the negative consequences which that entails. No more slips, GOD willing.
I lay on my bed, battling urges until 7 AM before finally falling asleep, reading posts on the forum, but I didn’t slip any further. I still wasn’t following my advice - I was battling the urges instead of mindfully dealing with them directly - but I hadn’t gone back to pornography or touched myself at all.
As we advance in our streaks, we become more sensitive. It’s even more important to protect ourselves from triggers and stay away from lies like ‘just a peek won’t hurt’ and ‘I’ve come this far so I can look at X or XX now as long as it’s not XXX.’ We must stick to the strategy that helped us get to where we are, and add even more commitment because now we have something to lose. As my AP told me, commitment fades over time. We have to refuel it with new activities and habits and keep the journey exciting, so we don’t become complacent and under threat.

The Importance of Accountability and Community

Without an accountability partner, it’s unlikely I would be here sharing this story with you. Remembering that I’d have to report back to him helped me return to my senses. It’s one extra thought in the back of my mind now; ‘If I do this, would I have to report a slip?’ Knowing that I’d have to report all slips is a barrier against acting out.
I’m very grateful for my AP. The two of us share our plans, strategise, advise and support each other on the journey. Every week we check-in and discuss how our plans are working. I can trust him and open up about things I’m struggling with and share honestly without fear of judgement or shame. I felt alone for many years; it’s great to have someone doing this with me who’s just as passionate about leaving pornography in the dust for good. And that’s key - having an AP with a similar attitude. Knowing that we don’t take this lightly at all. There is no ‘relapses are part of the journey bro, chin up mate.’ If there’s a slip, the investigation follows. ‘Why did you slip, man?’ ‘What will you do about it? What tools have you put in place to prevent it from happening again? Ah, I see you’ve already added those keywords to your site blocker. Great stuff, let’s review in a week.’ You don’t need a hug after a relapse; you need guidance on how to prevent it from happening again - a relapse means there’s a hole in your plan that needs to be repaired. It isn’t friendly to be more concerned about boosting your mood than your recovery - guess what; your mood will be permanently moved up a few notches once you’re no longer binging on pornography every month.
I now have accountability software on my devices as per his suggestion, and we keep track of anything that looks questionable or suggests someone is moving towards a slip. I haven’t had anything like this before in my journey to recovery. I’d become an expert at clearing my tracks and hiding away, and there was no site blocker I couldn’t find a way around. But this brings everything into the light. It’s powerful to have that thought before doing any search, ‘How will this look? What will my AP say if he sees I’ve searched for this?’
And outside of my relationship with my AP, I’ve increased my accountability even further.
After passing 60 days, I placed a physical counter in the living room of our family home, and told my mother I’d passed my highest streak, and had no intention of going back. It’s a marble jar that I add to with every day free and clean. If it ever goes to zero due to a relapse, I have to show her what I watched. Absolutely no way I’m watching pornography. I would never live through the shame of my beloved mother seeing the filth I used to watch. No way no sir, I’ll continue my streak, thank you very much. That helped keep me from turning that slip on day 95 into a binge session.
I’ve shared with most of my close friends about my struggles with this addiction. Two of them have joined me in escaping pornography also, and one checks in with me regularly.
There is so much love, support, advice and encouragement I get from this community. You people have given me new hope in humanity. Being motivated by your brothers, seeing them pass their highest streaks, reading their success stories and learning from them, there is so much healing power in that. When the entire world looks at us as ridiculous for quitting something they’re all engaged in doing when they’re all telling us that there’s nothing wrong with pornography and masturbation is completely healthy - “4-5 times a day? Great bro, you won’t get prostate cancer!” - This community drowns out the noise and reminds us that we’re not alone on this journey.
We need connection. This addiction thrives in isolation. Unlike smoking or drinking or drugs which people tend to do in groups, we hide away in our rooms, drowning in negative emotions and continually relapsing. Life changed for me after I started participating in the community in November 2018. And when I left for five months after relapsing, I couldn’t make it to 3 weeks again without that connection. Connect as much as your time permits, share your story and listen to others. Learn from others’ advice, and give some out yourself. You don’t go to war alone unless you’re the Hulk, and even he teamed up with the Avengers.

How Bad Do You Want It?

I say it all the time to people; this is the world’s toughest addiction to escape.
What makes it so difficult isn’t the cravings to return or the withdrawal symptoms. Compared to an addiction to strong drugs, our painful experiences are mild. But this addiction is tied to the highest natural source of motivation on Earth - the sexual drive. People will forego the need to eat if the chance for a favourable sexual encounter comes their way. And there’s a significant portion of us (myself included) whose only sexual experiences have been with pixels on a screen. Moreover, our prefrontal cortices have been shot to pieces due to years of addiction. Self-control is low.
And if that wasn’t enough, no addictive substance is this easy to obtain. It’s incredibly easy to relapse. Pornography is everywhere. We come across it when we’re not even looking for it - that’s how many of us became addicted in the first place. We don’t have to pay any money to get it; we don’t have to meet someone in a shady alleyway, we don’t even have to leave our houses. And it’s always available. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No days off. Pornography offers endless variety; it never rejects us; it never says no, it’s never not in the mood tonight or too tired or too sick or angry with us. On one infamous website, there are enough videos that it would take over 10,000 years to watch each one. Where our ancestors would travel to distant lands, invent new technology and theorise about the world they lived in, we hunch over our devices in the endless and unsatisfying hunt for the perfect video.
To escape from this addiction, we have to be fully committed to growth and change. Determination is NECESSARY. We have to resolve that nothing in this life will ever make a relapse worthwhile. There is no negative emotion I can experience, no mood low enough that will make me relapse. No life circumstance is dark enough to make me self-harm like that again. Any reason is an excuse, and I’d only be lying to myself.
Pornography never helped me anyway - I felt good for a few seconds, then felt horrible afterwards. The pain I was experiencing in life was still there. The need for love, comfort, security, affection, and so on hadn’t been met. And now, I had the added pain of relapsing on top - the guilt, shame and regret at breaking my streak once again, living against my values, throwing my promises and commitments in the garbage. There is no situation where sober you wouldn’t be better able to handle it than addicted you. We all experience pain and suffering in this life, and that won’t go away once you’ve rebooted. But you will be stronger and better prepared to face your problems. You’ll bounce back faster, and your mood regulates quicker. Your mental focus, memory and problem-solving skills are improved. You’ll think, “If I’ve conquered pornography after so many failures, I can conquer this too.”
We have to make it harder to relapse. It’s far too easy. Let me give you an analogy. I work as a security officer. If you give people enough freedom, people will steal from your store. They’ll rationalise it away to themselves, “Well, I didn’t steal something like a TV set, it’s just a few drinks.” Some people will think twice when they see the CCTV camera or a security guard watching them. Others will stop when they see one guard at the door and another two walking up and down the aisles. Then some won’t be stopped unless there are plenty of security cameras that feed to a visible display in the store, two guards at every entrance, multiple guards walking up and down the store. Some will still steal with all of that, but it’s so difficult at that level that they must really want to shoplift that particular store.
Since we don’t want to relapse, let’s increase the difficulty in getting back to pornography. One excellent blocker may be enough for some people, but it definitely wouldn’t work for me. But if there are five blockers set up, each with different passwords like D34rGOD1w0ntr3l4p53 and P0RNRU1N3DMYL1F3 which have to be typed out each time, it gets frustrating, and we’d start to remember that we really don’t want to go back there. Adding accountability software to the mix, some severe consequences if we relapse and remembering that we’ll have to confess what we did afterwards really changes the game.
Be willing to change your lifestyle. We’ve all heard the quote, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.’ It’s a cliché because it’s true. If what we were doing was enough, we’d all have years of recovery on our counters.
If we have to break the silence on this and share with someone in our lives, let’s do it. If we have to read dozens of success stories, learn from the strategies shared and make a plan of our own, let’s get to work. If we have to read a book or two to learn about the addiction, let me find time in my week to get it done. I used to spend 6 hours edging, so I can certainly spend 8 hours to read a book that will significantly improve my life.
Think about cutting things off, even if only temporarily. After my slip with YouTube, I discussed it with my AP and realised that 80% of my relapses started on YouTube. I would browse for increasingly more sexual content until my streak felt dirty and I’d finish off the job by returning to a hardcore site. On his advice, I blocked YouTube. We can’t underestimate the pain of giving up some part of our technological lives. Our devices have become a part of us. Since 2009, I had been visiting YouTube for at least 2 hours every day, up to 12 hours on lazy days. It was where I got my entertainment, my education, my news, and it was also where I tended to begin my downward spiral back into pornography. As much as I loved it, it was unsafe for me. I went 70 days without using YouTube - I returned on day 165 after clearing it with my AP and making sure the accountability software monitored all searches. We have to be willing to give things up so we can progress - our favourite apps, unrestricted Internet access… We may even need to transition to a less powerful phone, lock away our tablets and have someone else lock and unlock our computers. The freedom on the other side far outweighs the short-term pain of these restrictions.
Above all else, we have to remind ourselves why we started this journey regularly. We become forgetful over time. We don’t remember the pain of the last relapse; we forget how unsatisfying the previous time was or that moment of clarity we had when we decided enough was enough and we weren’t going back ever again. It’s impossible to make choices for ourselves in the future; we can only make choices in the present moment. Choosing to remind ourselves of strong reasons daily, remembering the pain of the last relapse and the genuine pleasure we’re heading towards as we escape the addiction is critical.

Make a Plan!

Imagine that you’re taking a cross country walk from Mumbai to New Delhi to raise money for a cause you’re deeply passionate about. However, you don’t take any GPS with you, no map, no food or water, no money, no travel guide, nothing but the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet. You refuse to look at road signs or ask anyone for directions. When someone asks you how you plan to get to New Delhi, you ignore the fact that the cities are more than 1300km (800 miles) apart, and say, “It’s in India, I’m sure I’ll find my way.” This is the attitude so many of us in this community have when we don’t have a plan on how we’re going to escape this addiction. I had the same attitude for many years, and it didn’t serve me at all. Can we break free without one? Sure, but the chances are so slim, and the journey is so painful - why would we want to put ourselves through that? Why take chances on odds of 1 out of 10 000 when there are proven ways to overcome this?
Breaking free isn’t about luck. You don’t just pull the lever on a slot machine and JACKPOT! You’ve won a 90 Day Streak! Congratulations on your reboot! It’s all about how well your plan works. A relapse isn’t a reflection of your willpower. If you’ve gone a full 24 hour day without touching yourself or watching pornography - things that you have constant access to - and passed the strong urges and the desire to return to binging on day zero, you have all the willpower you need to escape. You have what it takes. You are stronger than every urge you’ve ever had. The problem is your plan (or lack of one) doesn’t help you make the best use of your strength so you can succeed. Write it down, type it out, but it has to be written up. It can’t be floating around in your head, or you’ll forget it when danger returns. A goal not written is merely a wish; a goal without a plan is just a dream. Just a 2-3 page document could save your life from this struggle. Do the work.
What goes into your plan? First of all, so many people don’t even have a method to overcome urges when they come; they’re just ignoring them and hoping for the best. Urges can come to you on day 1, and they can come to you on day 1501. They’re not going anywhere. They may decrease in intensity and frequency over time, but as long as you’re alive, you’ll face that temptation. The temptation to go back is not the problem at all; it’s our response that matters. Most of us have said at some point that we’re so angry we could kill someone. But we haven’t done it since we’re not murderers. That thought doesn’t hold any power over us, and we don’t respond to it by following through. In the same way, urges to return to pornography are only thoughts, and they only have the power we give to them.
Our conscious mind can only focus on one thought at a time. With a method we follow every single time we get an urge, we maintain our power and eliminate those thoughts before they lead us back to a relapse. If we focus on something else, every single time, the triggering thought MUST go away. There are plenty of methods which work - mindfulness, direct confrontation, cognitive behavioural techniques, journaling your thoughts, yelling ten times I AM STRONGER THAN MY URGES. Find out what other people are doing and pick the method you like, then be sure to carry it out every single time you get urges, without fail. I didn’t do this on day 95 and nearly paid a very dear price for it. Don’t make the same mistake. No matter how weak the urge is, eliminate it. One piece of advice is to get a method that you can carry out anywhere you get an urge and at any time, like in the shower or when you’re in bed. Journaling is a brilliant method and effectively destroys temptations to relapse until you get the urge to masturbate while you’re in the shower. Think of something you could do in an emergency that would make the urge go away for the time being. If you jumped out of bed and into a cold shower or called a close friend, would you still be suffering from a strong urge?
I heard recently on the Porn Free Radio podcast that there are two essential needs which we try to meet through pornography; the need for self-care, and the need for excitement. Wise man, with 3000+ days on his counter to back him up. Even though it’s a terrible way of trying to meet our needs, we’ve been doing it so long and so habitually that whenever we need to feel relief from stress, anxiety or discomfort of any sort, that’s where we go. Can’t sleep? Porn. Bad day at work? Porn. Failed an exam? Porn. For some of us, it’s gotten to the stage where we don’t even need to be feeling bad. We may look to it as a CELEBRATION, something to enjoy after a happy accomplishment. Sure, it offers endless variety; however, we’re never left satisfied even after hours of acting out. It always falls short and leaves a terrible aftertaste. We have to become aware of our triggers and have solutions for each one so that we aren’t left defenceless next time life gives us a kick in the teeth. Think of all the excuses for relapsing in the past and come up with effective counters for each one.
Have some positive activities you will engage in instead of returning to pornography. Remember, pornography is no longer an option for helping us meet our needs. It was very inefficient anyway. Just having a few playlists of songs you enjoy can help you get into the right frame of mind much better than pornography ever could. Get one for when you’re feeling stressed that will relieve the tension. Have one that will make you want to dance - hard to feel angry when you’re tapping your feet to the beat. Have an upbeat one that will encourage you that the pain won’t last forever. Go for a walk. Watch your favourite movie. Pray. Journal about your thoughts. Call a loved one. Chat to someone in the community. All of these things will leave a good memory behind and help you feel better. Pornography always leaves a painful memory of relapsing and makes you feel worse afterwards, and that wasn’t your aim.
Figure out what tools you’ll have in place to protect you from a relapse. Write your strong reasons for escaping the addiction. Choose what pornography filters and blockers you’ll have in place. Set up your accountability software and who you will share the reports with. Decide what apps and ‘safe sites’ like YouTube or Instagram you will block and for how long.
Have a trusted friend or companion who you will share your plan with and review it regularly. Without sharing the plan with someone else, it’s a lovely document, but it won’t be helpful. If we could trust ourselves to keep our word, we would have been free a long time ago. It’s having someone else with us on the journey which keeps us accountable to our plan, which leads to progress.

Transform Your Life

Just because we say NoPMO doesn’t mean that’s all this journey is about. This is a journey for self-improvement and growth. Our lives are in urgent need of repair, and we have to start putting in the work now to change them. We can’t wait until we’ve rebooted to begin doing the work.
Forgive yourself for all the pain and damage that addicted you caused in your life. Let go of the guilt, shame and regret. Let go of the past. There’s nothing we can do to change it, but the future is still available and untainted. Resolve to be a new person, a hero. This is your life! You’re the star of the movie, stop living like an extra with no lines. Think of the person you want to become in the future and start living like him now! Don’t wait another day!
Set some goals for yourself which you’ll work on during your streak with a deadline of 90 days. Make them challenging, meaningful and exciting. When you add 90 days to your counter, you’ll feel the benefits when you’ve also added change and structure to your life.
You’ve just left pornography behind, so you have much more free time now! There’s so much you can do with all that time you used to spend thinking about pornography, slowly edging towards pornography, watching it and acting out etc. Just one hour a day of reading in your chosen field will make you an international expert in 7 years. That’s 2500+ hours!
Think seriously about your life and where you want to be a year from now. Five years from now. Write it down. Think also about how painful and miserable your life would be if you’re still stuck in this addiction a year from now. Five years would be a nightmare. Write that down too. Start making a plan for your life. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t need to have all the details, but you do need to get some direction and concrete structure. You only have one life; it’s an urgent priority that you figure out how you want to live it. Break down every area of your life and figure out ways you can improve in each area. Start taking steps to get better and upgrade your life. Make the smallest possible positive step, and grow from that each day; don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you need to change everything in two weeks. The change has to be sustainable and consistent; you don’t want to burn out.
Get excited about your life again! You’ll face difficulty and challenges along the way - I know I sure have - but you’ll reach a point where ticking items off your to-do list and checking them off on your calendar gives you more pleasure than a 4-hour edging session ever could. Pursuing your purpose in life is far more enjoyable than pornography ever was.

Personal Victories

There’s a whole bunch of fun and exciting things that have happened, thank GOD. The benefits I’ve experienced after rebooting have only increased. I’ll share the main ones within the last three months:

Resources and Books:

The Porn Free Radio Podcast - Has to be the best advice I’ve seen so far on how to gain real recovery from this addiction. The host, Matt Dobschuetz, has over 3000+ days porn-free, and his 200+ podcast episodes are a wealth of knowledge, advice and support. If you follow his advice, you’ll break out of the cycle of constant relapses and finally see changes in your life.
HackBook - EasyPeasyWay - This book completely shattered my previous views about pornography. I highly recommend this book to everyone fighting to escape this addiction. It’s less than 150 pages and can transform your life forever.
Power over Pornography: The Proven Solution to Overcoming Pornography Addiction by Brian Brandenburg - The author promises that if you follow the strategy laid out in the book, you will not relapse. Massive promise to make, but I agree. The one day that I neglected to follow the strategy was when I had a slip. It works.
Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction by Gary Wilson - The book ought to be required reading for anyone on this journey. So powerful to read stories of people reversing severe damage in their lives after a year free and clean. To know that the brain is changeable and to understand all the withdrawal symptoms. Like the flatline and why cravings are so bad in the initial stages and the cycle of shame-binge-shame-binge-shame etc. And to read the methods people used when the urge struck them, from the ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’ to the ‘Man, that’s bizarre but glad it worked for him…’ Read it when you get the chance if you haven’t already. Gamechanger.
Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson - It explains so much about the neurochemistry of sexual addiction and the harmful effects of orgasm on the body, and advocates for an updated understanding of human sexual relationships. GoldJacketLuke on YouTube was able to pass 250 days and beyond merely by reading it and understanding its concepts.
Why You Should Never Masturbate by David Baldwin - At the very least, you have some doubt about the prevalent theories of healthy masturbation. It will make you start to wonder if there is something to this semen retention thing people mention. You’ll wish someone handed it to you before your first PMO session. A compelling and thought-provoking book.
The Porn Trap: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems caused by Pornography by Wendy and Larry Maltz. A very insightful book written by therapists who help clients every day with this addiction.


We’re all capable of breaking free; it entirely depends on how badly we want it and how far we’re willing to go to change. I pray that my story helps you. If you’re struggling, let me tell you, there is HOPE! Life is beautiful without pornography; you won’t miss it. I sure don’t. Take action now. Start today; don’t put it off for tomorrow. At the very least, download the plan template and schedule a time when you’ll start filling it out. If you’ve read this far, you’re serious about your recovery. I already know that you can do it, but it’s you who needs convincing. You have to prove it to yourself!
Very grateful to my AP, close family, friends and companions for their love and support. I would have relapsed long ago without them.
We can all do this, brothers!
All praise is due to GOD, Lord of the Universe.
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